Signs of fall

September 3, 2011

The weather is still beautiful during the day, but have you noticed that the evenings are getting much cooler?

It’s nice for sleeping after those hot humid days and stuffy nights we had just a few short weeks ago.

Labor Day is here again – school starts next week and I think the kids are ready for it. Our granddaughters seem to be anyway. They have loads of new clothes to show off and can’t wait to see their friends everyday again.

Even Mandy in California called me to say, “Grandma I just can’t wait. School starts in two weeks!” Her senior year will start a bit later than in Michigan.

The last holiday of the summer season is here again. Labor Day – it’s aptly named because most people certainly have to “labor” to catch up on anything after it’s over – even we “semi” retired old folks. I will have to squeeze two days of interviews and articles into one next week.

The bonus is I no longer have to fit in all the other boring business since my “office” is right here at home and the stuff I do has always been the favorite part of my job. At the Review, Monday holidays always seemed to take a big chunk out of the week and we would rush around frantically trying to “catch up.”

It’s still worth it though. We are planning to celebrate this holiday with some family activities and visits to wind up the summer.

Plus it is time for the big Farwell Labor Day Celebration and there are loads of things to see and do in the Village – lots of entertainment activities and neat stuff for the youngsters, plus the biggest parade in the county on Monday morning. You sure won’t want to miss that fun.

After that, regardless of what the calendar says, you know that fall will be arriving anytime. Already I have been seeing traces of color in some of the trees and that “scent” is in the air.

Fall is really my favorite time of year.

I know, I say that at the beginning of every season (except winter of course), but fall is probably the most special time of the year. It is both an ending and a beginning. Well actually winter is pretty neat when it starts. Trouble is it’s like a houseguest that never leaves…

Fall is the end of an always too-short summer and the beginning of what always seems a too-long winter.

Fall can really sneak up on you. One day you’re complaining about the heat and humidity and suddenly it is just gone. The season comes upon you like you have never seen it before and it really is the shortest, sweetest season – like that delicious dessert that follows a great meal.

First you see those small traces of color here and there. The goldenrod and wild mustard are in bloom again along the roads and in the fields. The corn is ready for harvest.

The air seems fresher and sometimes you catch a whiff of burning leaves. Then one morning you might wake up to find the season has burst upon us “in full bloom.” The trees are decked out in glorious reds, oranges and yellows; some so bright they almost hurt your eyes. Have you ever noticed how fall colors seem to glow?

The wildlife seems to know what is coming. Jack is hard-pressed to keep the bird feeders full now. The hummingbirds are still around enjoying the double mixture of sugar water Jack puts out beginning in mid-August. They are filling up with a little extra energy for the coming trip south.

With the recent cooler evenings, the stars seem to be crystal clear, much brighter than they are during the summer. Sitting outside with the dogs in the evening is really enjoyable.

Pretty soon we will begin seeing pumpkins along the road, apples turning red on the trees and farmers rushing to bring in the last of their crops. Though we didn’t put in a garden this year, we still have been enjoying some of that bounty from the farm markets around town.

There’s nothing better than fresh picked sweet corn is there?

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