A perfect weekend

September 9, 2011

Well maybe it was not a perfect weekend, but it was probably the best, and most fun of the summer for these old folks.

After a long, sometimes hard and very busy summer without being able to take nearly as many trips up north as we usually take, we spent the long holiday weekend relaxing at the camper in Roscommon.

The weather certainly wasn’t perfect – we had a couple of major thunderstorms, one mostly rainy day, temperatures that started near  a hot and humid 90 degrees on Friday afternoon and dropped off to a Monday morning chilly low of 46 – talk about signs of things to come…

Despite the weather, it was a very good weekend for us. Family time always is. We met my brother and wife there [their camper is parked right next to ours] and spent most of our time visiting with them, catching up on our busy  lives [and reminiscing of course] and squeezed in as much time as possible with the rest of the family that lives nearby and some that don’t.

One cousin, Karen, drove all the way up from Ann Arbor just to spend a day and night with all of us. What a treat that was since we hadn’t seen her in at least a year. Another cousin, Loyal, who comes from the Pontiac area and has a cottage just down the road, was also over for a long visit. He was my special summer childhood playmate and seeing him again is always a fun time as we remember all the crazy things we used to do.

The camper was pretty crowded at times and the stories ranged from fishing tales to stories about the grandchildren of course and even some stories about our own grandparents’ adventures way back when. Every time we have one of these “jam” sessions I learn something new about my own parents. This year’s conversation was about the things they did to survive during the depression. It sort of puts our own economic struggles lately into a different perspective…

Since the area is filled with relatives, we did a little visiting with nearby family too and went for a couple of rides around the area to look for the first fall colors and to find special family places. At one spot we discovered a 130-year old lilac bush where my grandparents were married. It still blooms every spring.

We even spent one afternoon browsing through the big craft show at Houghton Lake although we didn’t buy much.

We cooked out, dodged raindrops under the awning, ate way too much and had company for almost every meal.

We took a couple of afternoon naps and went for walks in the woods.

What more can you ask for to make a great mini-vacation?

Although it probably won’t be our last trip up to our get-away place this year, it is getting close. With the weekend’s sudden drop in temperatures – and humidity – I’m pretty sure the season is nearly over now. We are still hoping to all get together one more time, possibly for a color tour or a canoe trip down the Au Sable before it gets too cold for that kind of fun.

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