A winter storm story

February 20, 2014

I awoke this morning, stretched, then jumped into the shower. I noticed that the water was not as hot as it usually was, so I hurried through my morning ablution, and found my heaviest clothes to insulate myself from our lingering winter cold, then check the temperature, it was 3 below zero. My breakfast consisted of my last slice of toast and one egg. I noted to myself that, If I was going to have any more sustenance to last until spring poked it’s anxiously awaited and eagerly sought face, I was going to have to bundle up and make my journey to Steve’s market to do some shopping.

As I struggled my way into my warmest coat and found my gloves, and watch hat, I opened my back door to a wall of white. “How could it be so high?”  I asked myself, “It’s probably just a drift,” I reasoned. I thought that once I pressed my way through it I would be able to get into my truck and go to the store. I started off in the direction I supposed my truck was in, pushing snow with both hands until I was tired of the effort, and then resting for a moment, I pressed on. Soon I came to a wall and as I wiped the snow away from it, I realized that it was not the door to my truck, but was in fact the door to my neighbor’s house.

By this time, I felt that I needed to sit down, get warm and re-establish my bearings, so I knocked on his door. My neighbor opened it with a look of surprise on his face, and a steaming cup of coffee in his hand.  He asked, what in the world I was doing out in this kind of weather.  Well I didn’t want him to know I got lost on my way to my truck, so I told him that I was concerned about him and wanted to see if he was alright.  He assured me he was well supplied, and then had me sit down with him and drink a cup of hot coffee.

We exchanged pleasantries, and discussed the storm going on outside, he opined that only a perfect idiot would try to go anywhere today in this kind of weather.  I soon said my goodbyes and took my leave.

With his word ringing in my ear I thought it best if this idiot went home. I turned to the path I had made and struggled back the way I came until I was able to find my door.  I think I will just eat pancakes, gravy and wait for spring, if it ever gets here.  Hey, Mother Nature, you are still alive aren’t you? Hurry up and send spring this way we are tired of waiting, and I can only stand so much Pancakes and gravy. Oh I think I found some venison Sausage in the bottom of my freezer, now I can have a feast….

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