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June 29, 2017



This Chihuahua is pet ID # 226D17. He is a male who has not been neutered, and he came in as a stray.  If his owners don’t contact us beforehand, he will be available for adoption on Tuesday, June 27. He weighs about 16 lbs, so if you are looking for a pet and you have to stay under a 20# limit to keep the landlord happy, this guy might be worth a look!  His out-the-door adoption fee would be $90, BUT once you’ve had him neutered and licensed according to the terms of the adoption contract, you would receive a check back from the Clare County Treasurer for $60. He is friendly, but for any further info, call the shelter directly at 539-3221.

6-30-17 AAP Kittens

We still have new kittens arriving at the shelter frequently! Kittens that have already been fixed are $30. If a particular kitten hasn’t been fixed yet but you want to take her home anyway, you can pay a refundable “deposit,” and sign a contract stating you will have your new pet fixed within 30 days. Once you have fulfilled this part of the contract, turn in a copy of the spay/neuter certificate to the shelter office, and they will have the treasurer’s office send you a check for the refund.
BONUS: we have a feline spay/neuter clinic scheduled for Tuesday, July 18, and it’s only $35 for males and $40 for females! Sign up the day you adopt your kitten!

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