March 30, 2017

3-31-17 AAP 078D17 (2)Daisy Mae

#025C17 Daisy Mae, is a long-haired miss of unknown age who has not yet been spayed, and until she is she does not qualify for the $15 adoption fee (a $50 refundable deposit MUST be paid, making her fee $65). She does not appear to mind being handled, which is nice because she would likely appreciate some assistance grooming her lovely long fur! If you are interested in Daisy Mae, you may come meet her M-F 10 am to 3:45 pm at the Animal Shelter. If you have any questions about her, please call the shelter at 989-539-3221 and ask for one of the kennel workers.

3-31-17 AAP SallySally

#084D17 is Sally. She is going to be a tricky one to find a good home for because she currently suffering from a crippling fear of men. She also shows some signs of aggression toward other dogs when they get near “her” young humans. She will need a lot of one-on-one work, group work (a beginning training class would be good for this), and endless patience and compassion. Sally is 6 months old and appears to be mostly lab. She has not yet been spayed, so her adoption fee will be a total of $75. ($15 administrative fee + $50 refundable spay deposit + $10 license deposit. You may call the shelter directly with any questions or stop by during business hours and meet her. Please think very seriously about her needs before adopting!

3-31-17 AAP 078D17 (1)Rascal

078D17 is a male Dog who came in as a stray. No estimate on his age but maybe one of the staff can weigh in with an educated guess? He weighs about 70 lbs, and is very particular about who he chooses to be friends with. He was neutered on Thursday, March 23 and can go home anytime. You may visit him at the shelter before then and see if he wants to be YOUR best friend! He would do best in a home that will help him stay well-socialized, as well as be able to meet the exercise needs of a large, high-energy dog! 989-539-3221.

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