And the candidate is….who cares?

January 19, 2012

The reality show we call American politics continues unabated. On MSNBC, the propaganda organ for the Obama White House, former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough and his group of Manhattan media Kim Kardashians sneer their way through a discussion of what the Republican primaries mean. It’s as if they’re discussing Bulgarian politics or forecasting the future from chicken entrails.  They have no grasp of what Americans think or feel. They can only look through the periscope of political polling and guess at what The American People west of New York are like. Clueless.

Some Democratic pundits actually think that Conservatives won’t vote for Romney because of Romneycare, Bain Capital,or whatever desperate opponents come up with. That’s wishful thinking on their part. Once Republicans pick a candidate all of them from the nutty Ron Paul fringe to the crypto-Democratic Huntsman side will be behind that candidate. All of them. None of them will stay home on election day because of abortion, Bain, 1%, gay marriage, or any other of the trivial “issues” either created for the campaign or, like abortion, dragged out of the closet and dusted off for the election. That’s what the New York media doesn’t get. They think these primary election are just about the economy and employment. They aren’t. The economy and jobs are the main issues, but they’re Democratic issues. Republicans have jobs and they don’t live off the government. They’re the half that pay taxes and they’re scared to death of what has happened to their country for the last 3 years. Barack Obama was a fun experiment. First African American President, wonderful family, great speaker. A nice guy. The very embodiment of what Martin Luther King was talking about. He was also, as most Americans now realize, a terrible mistake. He wasn’t ready for prime time and he brought the very worst of Chicago politics to Washington. Every month of his presidency has been a nightmare for people that care about their country. Worst of all, for the first time millions of Americans are actually worried that this country won’t survive much longer if Obama gets another four years. What really frightens them is the feeling that a majority of voters just don’t get how bad the future looks unless we change course. They fear that the balance between makers and takers has tipped beyond recovery and they’re looking at the end of America as they’ve known it and as they want it to be for their children and grandchildren. They know that countries come, and countries go. They just didn’t think it applied to us. But it does. Not from Japanese, Russians, or Nazis, but from an arrogant and irresponsible slum politician with a key to the US treasury.

Mitt Romney has the charisma of his father, former Michigan Governor George Romney. That is, zero. Has he “flip flopped” on issues in the past? Sure he has. Did he try socialized medicine in The Peoples Republic of Massachusetts? Of course. But like most of you I don’t give a hoot if he spun like a top over abortion or what he did as Governor. What I do care about is whether we’re going to be in a nuclear war with Iran in the next 5 years after they hit Israel or Israel hits them. I care about whether we’re going to be enslaved to OPEC forever because a gaggle of campus environmentalists won’t let us drill, frak, or build pipelines. I care about how we’re supposed to continue with 42 cents out of every dollar we spend being borrowed money. I worry about whether our military, after it’s filled with women and gays, is going to be able to fight a protracted war in the mud. I worry about whether we’re going to have a permanent welfare class of unemployed added to the dependant class we already have. I really worry about whether our government is about to hand all of the worlds manufacturing to China and India because they’ve made it so difficult to do business here.

That’s why Republicans are going to turn out in unprecedented numbers in November regardless of who the candidate is. Obama has shown an uncanny ability to always choose the side of every issue that hurts America’s interest. He’s scared Republicans to the point that they don’t care who their candidate is. All they want is someone to vote for that isn’t Barack Obama.

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