Another week, another meth bust

March 30, 2012

Here we go again.  As I predicted after the Herron meth bust, more would come. Harrison, and even Clare, to some degree, are infested with the homemade drug, and the police have zeroed in on those that are manufacturing and selling the nasty stuff.

Just last week, 39-year-old Shannon Church was sentenced for operating/maintaining a meth lab in his Clare apartment. His girlfriend Bridget Fifield awaits sentencing on the same charges. They were arrested in November.

Just a month ago,  another well-known Harrison man, Ben Bristol was caught making meth in his car, of all places. The mobile meth lab, which is not uncommon any more, was pulled over because of faulty equipment, meaning a taillight or something like that, was out. To me that is extremely brazen- driving around at 2 or 3 in the morning with a bad taillight, with a meth lab in your vehicle. Brazen, or maybe stupid, I might add.

So big bust number two took down Bristol. Now just this week big bust number three captured another very well known man, Michael Henry. Again, I have to wonder what he was thinking? He was caught cooking meth inside his home with two young children in the same house! For gosh sakes, I’m sure Henry had an inkling of how explosive the concoction is- why in the heck would he risk the lives of those kids?

I simply have a hard time understanding why after the Herron and Chartrand bust, our young adults continue to manufacture meth? That should have been a warning that the police might be on to you, and it’s time to stop making and selling meth. But Bristol, Henry and there are others, continued to make it and sell it, like nothing had happened. They were too confident in their ability to elude the law, to heed the warning signs.

Now they have to pay the price which could be 20 years in jail. That might not mean a lot to Herron, Bristol or Henry, but what about the family they leave behind? Too consumed in making and selling their dope, I guess they failed to realize how much this will hurt their young children, as they will experience their formative years without their father.

A word to the wise- IF you are still manufacturing meth or even using it, STOP IT. The cops are on to you.

Like any addiction, it is hard to quit, but in this case, you have to, or risk going to jail for a long long time. Set aside the health problems the drug can cause. Set aside the family problems created by the continued useage of meth- You most likely will go to jail if you continue messing with it. Do not think you can out fox the police- you can’t, they are on to you.

I compliment our police for making meth a major priority. This county’s reputation has suffered enough. Recent reports indicate Clare County is near the bottom of all state counties economically and when it comes to poor health. We do not need to be known as the “drug capital of Michigan” as well.

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