April, that wonderful muddy month is here again

March 30, 2017

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

March is heading out like a lion this year. Jack tells me we are supposed to get about a half inch of snow tomorrow night (Thursday) then rain again, about a quarter of an inch.

Ah spring…Saturday begins that wonderful, muddy mess when April arrives again.
April means time to open up the porch – maybe, time to think about cleaning up the yard – maybe, and time to start thinking about planting a garden again.

April also means time to sit in the sunshine whenever you can; time to look for crocus and tulips peeking through the dead leaves (that still need raking) from last fall; and time to watch the tips of the trees show their first buds, then tiny red leaves, then (hopefully) just before May arrives, their tiny green ones.

In a couple of weeks, weather cooperating of course, I will be out checking the lilac bushes for the first fragrant buds there. Or maybe we will be watching another snowstorm. This year has now been a very predictable one at all.

And from now on it will be time to watch the birds chase each other through the treetops. They are already doing that, of course and we have seen a couple of mallard pairs on the river again.

The geese are returning again, we are hearing them pass overhead quite often. Hopefully they know something we don’t.

Something must be up because Larry Wyman Sr. called this week to tell me that Shamrock Lake was full of swans. He said he had never seen so many. Could this be a sign that spring really may arrive before midsummer?

Maybe, if it warms up enough it will be time to put away those winter clothes.
I already have taken the spring ones out of storage, so you can imagine how stuffed the closet is right now. I just couldn’t bear to put them all away again after our return from sunny (and warm) southern Florida just three weeks ago.

I look at them often, and there’s quite a bit because I stocked up while I was vacationing in Naples and bought four pair of summer sandals that are just waiting for our sunny, warm summer months.

I love spring clothes. The down side is that most of mine (those I didn’t take south with me) are about two sizes too small now…but I keep hoping I will lose enough weight to wear them again…someday – maybe.

That reminds me of a column Dick Allen wrote a few years back about a (tongue-in-cheek) new county blight ordinance outlawing spandex…

These days just about everything the younger set are wearing fits just like spandex actually. I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t look so good on this old lady though. I certainly would exceed Dick’s “blubber density test” these days.

Every year the styles seem to change. I think the new style should be retro long dresses with no waist, weren’t they called “Mumus?” I remember they were just as comfortable as “sweats” and since I spend most of my time in a home office now, I have lots of those!
Even though it was one of my New Year’s resolutions, I’m afraid I haven’t made much of an effort to shed any extra pounds this winter and the exercise bike is sitting in our bedroom slowly gathering dust…

Someone once told me that they were NOT overweight, they were just “undertall.”
That must be my problem these days – I have stopped growing up and started growing out.

Enough talk about weight.

It’s making me hungry.

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