Bitter winter – Jan. thaw

January 11, 2018

According to the weather reports, our brief “January thaw” this week should be over by the weekend coming up.

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

Temperatures reported as low as 20 degrees below zero just last weekend suddenly changed to 40 degrees above zero on Wednesday. Of course the 19 degree temperature on Wednesday morning coupled with a misty rain led to an instant accumulation of “black ice” and a multitude of accidents and cars in the ditch, I am hearing. I am hoping before this issue goes to press, I will have a report on the accidents around the county.

According to my trusty buddy here and his AccuWeather app, on Wednesday evening the forecast for Thursday was a high of 51 degrees and a low of 18 degrees with clouds and “a little rain.” Friday’s forecast called for a high of 25 degrees and Saturday called for a high of 18 degrees? Sunday the thermometer is supposed to climb a bit – all the way up to 20 degrees.

Looks like our brief reprieve from the frigid cold will be over all too soon.

We will see how accurate his forecast is…

In any case, our snow cover is fast disappearing over the last couple of days.

On Monday evening the month will be half over already. I am hoping that the rest of the winter zips by just as fast.

When the month is half over, I have decided that we will only have about three more months of winter left.

Sounds like I am complaining, doesn’t it? Oh, I know, we didn’t even get any snow late November, and it was pretty warm all through fall, and mild for the past few days or so, but my feet and hands are still cold all the time!

Jack got me a huge “blanket” scarf and gloves for Christmas. He did really well! I can’t think of anything better, especially with the temperatures dipping way down like they did right after the holidays.

I just am really not much of a winter person – around home I wear cozy pajama pants and a couple of sweaters. If it didn’t look silly, I would wear my fuzzy pj pants to the office every Thursday too.

Kids love winter.  The recent snow in our southern states brought out the youngsters who seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves according to Facebook and TV reports.

Seems like even I liked winter a lot more too when I was a kid. I remember I had hand-me-down skis, ice skates, a couple of sleds and even snowshoes to experiment with. I never could quite get the hang of using those snowshoes but I had a lot of fun trying.

Does anyone remember ice skating in the driveway or even in the road?

I remember lots of snow up around Roscommon, some winters so deep some years that my Dad would shovel paths for me and cover them with scrap lumber to make a really neat snow fort.

It seemed like there was always lots of fun to be had. I would stay outside playing and making snow angels until my cheeks were red as apples, and when I would finally have to come in, my hands would be so cold I could hardly feel them.

I was always covered in snow. I remember Mom would have to use an old broom to sweep me down before I finally came back in the house.

Saturdays, when Mom had to work, I would almost always ride into town with her and spend the day at the ice skating rink.

My brother introduced me to skiing at around five years old and even bought me my own skis and tiny ski boots. Sometimes he would take me along when he and his girlfrient (my future sister in law Ginny) would go to our local ski hill.

As a teenager, I even worked at a private club with it’s own ski hill. What fun that was!

And, at least once every winter, our church group would go tobogganing down the biggest hill I’ve ever seen, winding up a long day of fun drinking hot chocolate and eating sandwiches in someone’s kitchen with the snow melting off our clothes and boots and making puddles on their floor.

When I was pretty little, I remember snow about knee deep with a crust thick enough for me to walk on top. What an adventure that was.

I don’t remember counting the days until spring.

Maybe the winters were more fun back then – or maybe we just made them more fun out of the winters…

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