Fall color is starting

August 30, 2019

Pat Maurer

Although I haven’t seen much color appearing around Clare and Harrison, a little further north the trees are beginning to turn, signaling the start of the fall season.

We headed up north last Friday for a weekend away and to say goodbye to our camping neighbor – Sister-In-Law Marlene who was heading south early this year.

She had to get back to her Florida home to get ready for a trip to Europe in a couple of weeks, where she and family will spend some time touring with her oldest grandson who is stationed in Germany.

Needless to say, she is pretty excited about the trip and wanted to get started on the packing.

After our goodbyes, we spent the rest of our weekend closing up her little camper and putting storm windows on her screened in porch where she has hosted many family get-togethers.

We will miss her – until she arrives in the North Country once again next May.

We were watching, but on our way north Friday afternoon along M-18 we didn’t see much color showing up. Not so on the way back Sunday afternoon on Old US-27 when there were many trees in full, mostly red color around the Houghton Lake area along the old road.

We usually try to find alternate routes up to Roscommon and back on our weekend getaways, because US-127 is almost always packed with travelers on the weekends. It takes a little longer, but the scenery is much better and the traffic almost non-existent most of the way between Clare and Roscommon.

Since we are now very busy getting ready for our downsizing garage sale and a move to a smaller residence this fall, our next trip north won’t be happening for a few more weeks. I’m sure when we go later in September, we will be treated to our first mini-color tour along the way.

Then sometime in October, depending on Mother Nature, we will close our own little place up for another year. No trips north in the winter. Our place is down a two-track that fills up with snow and it gets really cold up there.
I love the fall season, the shortest, sweetest time of the year. I wish summer wouldn’t end, but at least the “final act” before the winter arrives again is a great ending.

The last holiday of the summer season is here again. Labor Day – it’s aptly named because most people certainly have to “labor” to catch up on anything after it’s over – even we “semi” retired old folks. I will have to squeeze two days of interviews and articles into one next week.

The bonus is I no longer have to fit in all the other boring business since my “office” is right here at home and the stuff I do has always been the favorite part of my job.

Plus it is time for the big Farwell Labor Day Celebration and it will be a fun time in the Village, a first time ever Championship Figure 8 races at the fairgrounds there followed by a fireworks display Saturday evening, plus the biggest parade in the county on Monday morning followed by a talent show! You sure won’t want to miss it.

Fall is really my favorite time of year.
First you see those small traces of color here and there. The goldenrod and wild mustard are in bloom again along the roads and in the fields. The corn is ready for harvest.

The air seems fresher and sometimes you catch a whiff of burning leaves. Then one morning you might wake up to find the season has burst upon us “in full bloom.” The trees are decked out in glorious reds, oranges and yellows; some so bright they almost hurt your eyes. Have you ever noticed how fall colors seem to glow?

With the recent cooler evenings, the stars seem to be crystal clear, much brighter than they are during the summer.

Pretty soon we will begin seeing pumpkins along the road, apples turning red on the trees and farmers rushing to bring in the last of their crops.

Already we still have been enjoying our own tomatoes and for the rest, some of that bounty from the farm markets around town.

There’s nothing better than fresh picked sweet corn is there?

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