Fall Color Tour Finally

October 28, 2019

Pat Maurer

The weatherman predicted “mostly sunny” for Sunday, so we took advantage and left for our annual circle tour of the area’s fall colors Sunday morning.

And the sun was shining when we left, but the clouds were soon covering up that beautiful sunshine. We decided to continue anyway and by the time we turned off Long Lake Road to head north on Meredith Grade Road, it was back out again and highlighting some beautiful fall color. Russ, who fixed our aging refrigerator, advised us last week to head that way, saying, “The colors are beautiful on that road.”

They certainly were and despite the rain that fell earlier, and the dirt road, we enjoyed the ride and took loads of pictures. Then it was on north to Houghton Lake for a late breakfast at Garretts (great restaurant, one of our favorites) then on west across M55 until we found the road south to Merritt.

From that point until we wound up on Old State, I believe we were lost. We just kept on heading south, and east or west when we came to a “T” and finally found our way again when we passed Trails End Pub in Leota.

I love getting lost on some of the back roads in Clare County because you see the most unusual places and of course, this time of year the scenery is fantastic. We drove 113 miles and arrived home around 3 p.m.

It was a great color tour.
Since then it’s been rainy and windy nearly every day although today (Wednesday) the sun came out. Too windy to be outside though unfortunately. More rain predicted tonight…

The weekend’s prediction, according to Jack’s weather app, is partly cloudy and highs in the 50s.

Here it is October 25 already and another year is winding down.

I’m not really sure where September went. After all, wasn’t it just August?

Christmas is now exactly two months away…Isn’t that unbelievable? Shortly after that we welcome in another year – 2020!

Speaking of cold weather, Jack tells me to expect even more of the same. We have the fireplace going again at least part of every day, and “some” of my flowers outside already bit the dust when that first frost hit, although the barrels next to the house are still hanging in there.

We used to haul all of the houseplants outside in the spring and back in before the first hard frost in the fall.

We don’t do that anymore. Moving those things every spring and fall may be good for them – they thrive outside – but it’s not too good on Jack’s poor back. Some of them I have had for years and they are huge! And, when we bring them in again, I always wonder how I have managed to collect so many and where in the world I will put them inside…

It’s hard to get rid of any of them though. I’m notorious for killing plants and these have managed to survive even my haphazard care and poor watering habits. One was a gift, she called it a snake plant, from my secretary Anna when I was editor of the Homer Index more than thirty-six years ago. Now housed in two huge pots, it has had a place here longer than any of my kids did. Another was a plant from my Mom’s 1994 funeral from Al and Ruthie. I can’t replace that one. The spider plants I had around since 1985 finally bit the dust this year, but I still have two huge jade plants that were a gift from Ed when White’s nursery closed. They weren’t very big when I got them, but you need a handcart to move them now.

They are almost like my kids. I’m not sure I raised them right, but they are still “hanging in there.”

Halloween is next Thursday right after that we are facing another (off year) election day, but only the Farwell bond issue and two items, a recall and millage request for Arthur Township are on the ballot for Clare County.

Tomorrow October 26, is the big SpookTacular in Clare. You can check out what is happening on the Clare Chamber of Commerce website or read the article in this week’s paper.

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