Fall is Nearly Over Again

October 21, 2019

Pat Maurer

It is the middle of October already!

I just don’t know where all the time goes.

Well actually I guess I do, but it sure would be nice if we could slow it down a little.

Now it is time to get ready for Halloween. I have seen decorations all over and pumpkins on nearly every porch in town.

With a lot of the trees flashing their colors now and the fall flowers in bloom I think the fall season, around here at least is finally nearing its peak.

With the rain today [Wednesday] a lot have come down and a trip outside could blow you away with wind gusts in the 30s. Lots of people have been out raking their yards. Seems like an “exercise in futility” since the wind is blowing them all away and the rain has brought down so many more today

And there are still loads of green leaves out there waiting to turn – and fall.

The leaves may not all be done turning – or falling yet but our yard has a pretty good crop on the ground too. Before too long we will have to get out the maneuvering them into piles. That is unless today’s strong wind from the west blows them all into the river.

Growing up in Roscommon “in the woods” we always had loads and loads of leaves. The yard was full of oak, maple and poplar trees. Mom would rake and more would come down and she would be out there raking again. After years of this she changed her outlook. She just mowed them up every time a batch blew down. Sounds like a plan to me.

Another fall chore is the “annual putting away.” I have packed up all of the summer shorts, Capri’s, tank tops and short sleeve shirts for another winter and dug out all of the warm clothes again. I’m not quite done. Right now the closet is a messy mix of both seasons. You just never know what you will need in the morning this time of year.

I am leaning more towards sweaters and sweatshirts now. The fireplace in the office is getting a pretty good workout with all of the frosty evenings and cool days and occasionally the furnace even turns itself on for a bit.

In spite of the cool weather, our grass is continuing to grow. Jack has been saying he isn’t going to mow anymore this year, but with all of the rain, he may just have to change his mind again.

With snow just around the corner, there are a few things we need to do in here too. I’d like to get all of the windows washed before the temperatures drop too low, and this place could use a little “fall cleaning,” but as usual, I am spending most of my time here at the computer, and not nearly enough getting my getting ready for winter chores done. As the “resident house husband, Jack has taken over most of the cleaning around here. When I do manage to get away from this computer, there’s always something much more fun to do.

Like the quilt for the great-grandson we are expecting to arrive in January. Seems like I spend all of my spare time in that sewing room. I just finished one for Brent Duffett and after the baby quilt I am planning one for sister-in-law Cathy. Then there’s the one for great niece Sara that has been promised for a couple of years, and two more baby quilts promised ….

Oh well, I will need something to do in my spare time this winter, besides getting ready for our move to a smaller place in the spring. Thank goodness that chore has been postponed.

Guess it’s a good thing spring seems like a long, long time away…

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