Finally, a good week!

January 18, 2013

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

I am almost afraid to say it, or rather write it, for fear that it will jinx us, but things have been going pretty well around the Maurer household for a change.

That’s not typical lately as since the holidays, we have had more than our share of Murphy’s Law, meaning “If anything can go wrong it will…”

It started with a couple versions of the flu, which ten out of 14 family members got to experience after Christmas and New Year’s. Oh Joy…

We aren’t alone there. I have heard many, many stories about people getting the “bug” this year. Also that some stores are even out of the flu shots, although they said today that there isn’t a national shortage.

I always wonder if this on again, off again cold weather causes the outbreaks. First it’s 40 degrees, then it’s 19 degrees…

Even out little Yorkie Peanut was under the weather with an allergic reaction to something for a couple of days. That meant a trip the Vet, salve for the rash, antibiotic pills for an infection and more pills to quiet the itching…

After that everyone’s health improved, but we had a mishap with the wood stove and filled the house up with that stinky smoky burned wood odor, which took me more than three days to dispel and resulted in a thorough cleaning for my office, probably needed, but not much appreciated I can tell you.

Jack, who was so excited to get back to work January 7, was the next recipient of “Murphy’s Magic” on his first week back when a seal broke and he lost all of the truck’s transmission fluid on the way to work. Luckily he was close enough to baby that old rattletrap and get there without having to walk or call for a ride, but it certainly was inconvenient until son Don and daughter-in-law Micki came to his rescue (and mine) and ‘saved the day’ with a loaner vehicle we could use while the old truck was visiting “the shop.”

Now that little mishap is “fixed” and it has left me wondering, “What’s next?”

So far it has been a quiet week and I’m just hoping it stays that way. I’ve had more than enough excitement for this month already.

Anyway January is supposed to be a quiet month when you can recuperate from the stress and frantic activity that leads up to the holidays – and maybe that is what the rest of the month will be. After all it is cold weather out there lately. Not much snow on the ground but every morning it is white anyway – with frost. This morning it looked like all the trees and bushes along the river were coated in crystal.

It is a good time of the year to hibernate – stay inside by the fire, read a good book and watch those occasional snow flurries send a little more “white” down.

It sure is a special time if you step outside in the early morning when the morning sky is full of blues and pinks and it is so quiet you can’t hear a single thing. The sun comes up pretty late these days, but when it does make an appearance it happens fast. One minute it’s still dark and the next the sun is coloring the eastern sky. There are a lot of grey and gloomy mornings too, so when the sun shines it makes the morning really special.

I heard someone say this week that there are only 63 days until spring! That was a couple of days ago, but that person is definitely an optimist and sees the ‘glass’ as half full I think. I’m usually an optimist too, but not when February is looming in the near future again.

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