First snowfall starts the holiday season off right

November 25, 2015

Pat Maurer

Pat Maurer

Nothing makes you feel like Christmas is coming quite like the first snowfall of the season and, “Surprise,” we got it last Sunday morning when we woke up to find the view out our window like the most beautiful Christmas card ever.

In Michigan that can happen anytime from September 1 through January 1. I can even remember snow falling once in July when I was a youngster, but this time of year, with Thanksgiving here again and Christmas decorations and lights already showing up many places around the area, well that just makes it time to think Christmas.

And to celebrate that wonderful special time of year, I have already started my Christmas shopping – will wonders ever cease?

One granddaughter’s special gift from “Gma and Gpa,” as we are sometimes affectionately called, is already carefully hidden. Most of the special ornaments, a tradition for family members for years, are also ready to be wrapped and we know what the other granddaughter is getting, we just have to go shopping and pick it up. What we aren’t sure of yet, is whose name we will draw from the family “hat” for a Christmas present and what we will get for the two great-granddaughters.

I asked for suggestions for the one and was told “clothes.” My reply was “This is Grandma talking, I want to buy toys!”

I have to have “some” fun after all. Several years ago we decided to draw names for the adults, which would help out with the budgeting (the family is getting pretty large after all) and still buy something for each of the youngsters.

Well now that we are not-so-graciously aging, we only have two granddaughters left in the younger set and two greats. I had a pretty hard time with the gift exchange idea at first and I couldn’t quite give up the urge to buy something for everyone though, so now I have compromised and each Christmas I buy ornaments for each and everyone in the immediate family…

For most of our readers the big “Turkey Day” is now over and I hope it was a special for all of you as I’m sure it will be for us.

As we celebrate our Thanksgiving on Saturday, we still have that wonderful family day to look forward to. After that I can concentrate on the next one – Christmas!

I love the Christmas season, but I think Thanksgiving is my favorite fall holiday though. There’s no elaborate decorations to put up, just a big yummy meal to enjoy and a long afternoon of family conversation and games of course. There is always one or two of those going on after the bird is demolished and the desserts….

Makes me feel full just thinking about that!
A lot of my leisure time lately has been taken up with the current family project – quilts for each of the granddaughters. I have been at that project for almost three years now. Two are done and delivered and the third – a wedding quilt for granddaughter Mandy, is coming along nicely. The top is all together and now it is time to put the batting and backing on and finish it up.

This one is going much faster than the previous two. After the one I made for Alea, (and the one for Alison), I decided that I would never, ever, make a reversible quilt again…

As you may have guessed the other granddaughters, are anxiously waiting for their turn…
With Mandy’s at the “put-together” stage already, I have started looking at patterns for the next.
I know it won’t be long before the next one gets started.

Jack has wistfully mentioned a couple of times that I really should make one for us…sometime. I have two more granddaughters and three grandsons to get through first though.

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