Getting ready for the sale could have gone better

September 7, 2019

Pat Maurer

Wouldn’t you know that on the busiest weekend of the summer, I just had to come down with a horrible cold.

We spent four days over Labor Day weekend “laboring” to get ready for our downsizing garage sale coming up this weekend.

That meant dragging 35 years of accumulation down from the attic, unpacking the sometimes musty stuff, cleaning it up and getting it ready for our (last ever) sale.

We found stuff I never even knew we had, and some that I have no idea where it came from…

We found an unfinished quilt that my Aunt Ruby (gone now for 25 years) had started but never finished. After she died in 1994, my cousin passed it along to me and (you guessed it) it got put away in the attic.

We found my wedding dress that I thought I had lost, and Lisa’s wedding dress that is going back to her along with the formal she wore in the Miss Clare pagent years ago, several boxes of stuff (including her yearbook she thought she lost) and even a couple of diaries she kept when she was a kid. Also found a ton of stuff that belongs to the eldest including Don’s first Marine Corps pictures and his stuff from school, and Jack delivered that to him yesterday.

Also found a lot of pictures stashed away up there, and you know how hard those are to sort in a hurry. Now I have two trunks full and several bins. Will sort those another time!

Anyway on the second day (Saturday) I started getting a sore throat. By evening I could barely swallow and my sinuses felt packed full of clay – or something.

Sunday was even worse with a fever and cough and by Monday Jack was trying to get me to go to the hospital, because this creeping crud got down in my lungs…not a good thing with my COPD.

Tuesday a little better, but still coughing and now sneezing and blowing my nose too as I priced those garage sale items and lined them all up on tables. I mostly stayed inside and sorted through 20 years of different sized clothes that no longer fit me but that I just couldn’t part with – for some reason.
I’ll tell you what, feeling icky is a great motivator to weed stuff out of the closets (I have three by the way – Jack only has about a third of the walk in…)

So I just sucked it up as they say and started pitching anything I haven’t worn this year. If I didn’t wear it, I don’t need it! I actually found some outfits that not only have I never worn, I never even took the tags off!
My stuff was pretty bad, but Jack’s massive collection of “stuff” in the attic, garage and upper part of our little barn was pretty bad too. Guess we both need an “intervention.” He says we are hoarders.

It seemed like the weekend would never end and also that it was going by so fast we would never get done. Actually we aren’t quite done, but there is a dumpster in the yard now………

So I spent the holiday, sick and not even able to rest. By nighttime each day we were both exhausted but (for me anyway) unable to sleep because I kept thinking about how much more we had to do!

Any other weekend I could have wrapped up in my comfy chair ate chicken soup and been taken care of and pampered by the hubby.

Unfortunately he was busier than I was, hauling stuff around, setting it up and pricing everything as low as I would let him…

He agrees, we are never, ever doing another garage sale. We are too OLD, and definitely too tired to even attempt another one. From now on when we manage to accumulate something we absolutely don’t need, we will sell it, give it away, donate it or throw it out!!

Today was a trip to the doctor, who told me bunches of people around Clare are suffering from the same horrible bug, as she was poking my behind with a steroid shot and writing a prescription for antibiotics. That shot worked wonders and I felt so much better I actually wanted to write this week’s articles. Now they are done, I’m full of drugs and steroids and things are looking up again.

Of course we still have the actual “sale” to get through now.
Stop by and check out our sale…

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