Halloween – it’s almost here

October 26, 2017

I just love Halloween and guess what? It’s only four days away!

It’s one of my favorite holidays.

Be sure and see our article this week on all of the fun activities around the area in Clare, Harrison and Farwell. The holiday fun begins today, so you won’t want to miss it and there are a lot of great events scheduled in Clare County!

As a youngster, months of planning went into the costume [my Mom loved to sew] and a trip into town on the big evening to go trick or treating was always topped off at the school’s annual Halloween carnival, complete with apples to bob for and a bonfire behind the school.

Guess I never really grew up, because when our youngsters were little, I made their costumes too. When it was time for trick or treating, I would get dressed up

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

and go out with the kids while Jack stayed home to pass out the goodies.

When they got a little older and didn’t want my company, I would still dress up as ghoulishly as possible and just “hang around” our front door so I could scare certain youngsters…

Later on in the evening, I’d go out and ring a few of our friends’ doorbells as well. Some are still wondering who that old hag was. Jack’s best friend back them actually threatened me with a call to the cops once when I was only hanging around his porch and harassing him a little…

Man, you wouldn’t dare do that in these times, would you?

All of my fun came to an abrupt halt one year though when one of Don’s teenage friends wasn’t even startled when I answered the door in a shroud and a green face. She just said, “Oh Mrs. Maurer, I just had to come over and see what you were wearing this year!” That burst my bubble I can tell you.

After we moved up to Clare, I didn’t dress up and go out trick or treating anymore, after all I had to act like a respectable business woman didn’t I? I tried to limit the costume wearing to parties, but it sure wasn’t easy.

Sometimes when the big day happened during the week and we were still in downtown Clare we would dress up a little or con one of the husbands into doing it and passing out some candy.

Nowadays I don’t have to dress up like a little old lady anymore because now I am one.

I don’t even have an excuse to dress up anymore because we don’t get many trick or treaters out here on the Tobacco. Just a few neighbors and the granddaughters occasionally show up at our door and even that is slowly dying away. I always buy some candy though…just in case.

When we lived in town, I just about had to take out a loan to supply those little beggars.

This coming Tuesday night you will be seeing lots of little ones in costume out on their rounds seeking sweet treats. And I’ll just bet you will see a lot of grownups in costume too celebrating the holiday right along with their youngsters.

In fact, according to the internet, Halloween is almost as popular with the older set as New Year’s Eve. One in every four adults “dresses up” for the occasion and as many as 90 percent of all the families in the U.S. will take part in some Halloween festivities this year.

Halloween, which started out as “All Hallows Eve,” the holy evening before All Saints Day, was once a night to be feared when souls of the dead supposedly wandered freely from place to place. According to Celtic history, those wandering spirits were offered food and drinks and then “tricked” into leaving town.
These days, it’s all for fun and you can bet the little ones will be out and about collecting goodies once again.

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