Has old man winter really arrived at last?

December 15, 2017

Friend and former employee Trish used to tell me not to mention good weather. “When you do, it always changes, and not often for the better,” she would say.

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

She isn’t around Clare anymore, but she is still absolutely right about that!

When I write about rain, the sun comes out. When this column is about how nice it has been, the rain clouds come rolling in. A mention of nice weather brings a drop in temperatures the very next day…

It’s funny how the weather can change so fast up here in the “north country.” Just over a week ago we had thunderstorms and loads of rain coming down. Right after that storm, the thermometer started sliding south. Now it seems winter may have arrived at last.

Seems funny that last Wednesday I was writing about “no-snow” and wanting a “white Christmas.”

Guess Mother Nature must have read my column because I got my wish…it started snowing when the newspaper was being put together last Thursday, and, except for a sunny (but very cold) day on Tuesday, it hasn’t really stopped yet.

Winter may still be six days away, but around Clare County It has officially began.

Today (Wednesday) the weather reports are calling for snow, more and more… In fact we have about three inches on the ground out here on the Tobacco, and four to eight are predicted by tonight. “We are supposed to get the “big clipper,” Jack says, although here in Clare he thinks three or four inches total is more likely. I hate to mention it, but I believe we already have three inches out there. Poor Peanut has to wade through the snow every time she goes outside today.
There’s a “winter weather” advisory for us until 11 p.m. tonight (Wednesday) and a winter storm warning to the south, with some schools downstate closed already.

Alison who is here for the afternoon (she and Grandpa are making cookies while I write), says she is hoping school will close tomorrow…

Whatever we get, the roads this afternoon are snow covered, some over ice (freezing rain over the weekend), so driving is treacherous out there for all of the Christmas shoppers on the roads.

Not me, I am staying inside today, although later on, my “Uber” driver Jack may be taking me into town for a quick stop to buy cookie containers for the office cookie exchange on Thursday.

Our feathered friends, and a few squirrels, seem to know what is coming – or has arrived, since they have been busy emptying those feeders on the east side of the house all day. The cardinals add a lovely touch of bright color to the stark black and white Christmassy scene out there.

Now since I wrote all this, maybe the temperatures will climb again and the snow melt, although this time of year that’s kind of doubtful.

I have to admit I’m not much of a “winter person” anymore, although I do love looking at the scenery outside our windows and along the river while I am safe, and warm, inside. Today I am toasting my toes in front of the fireplace in between stories.

Bits pictureThe big holiday is fast approaching. Christmas Day is now only nine days away, a week from Monday and of course, I’m not ready yet…as usual.

Even closer is the wedding of Grandson Mikke and Kayla, which means a trip to Grand Ledge on Sunday afternoon. Mikke is the second of the grandchildren to get married, but this celebration will take place a lot closer than the California wedding of Mandy and Max back in March of 2016. Of course that wedding rated a vacation trip as well.

Speaking of vacations, I wish we could take ourselves away this winter, but I’m afraid our month long trip to the sunny south last February will be our last for at least a couple of years or until we can save up the extra funds for another. Til then we will have to make do with our regular trips up to our little weekend get-away place near Roscommon, when the weather gets warmer again of course.

After all spring is only four months away…

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