Holiday fun is over… time for reunions

July 11, 2019

Pat Maurer

Another holiday has come and gone with events, including Clare’s Summer Music Festival two weekends ago, stretching out over a week and a half.
We celebrated too – Went north the weekend before and to Newago on Thursday the 4th to celebrate Brother Jim’s 87th birthday with a huge picnic and fun at his daughter’s (and hubby’s) cottage on the lake nearby.

Back home and spent Friday getting ready for the big party! We hosted, and celebrated great-granddaughter Amelia Jean’s first birthday at the house on Saturday with four grandma’s (including this “great”) in attendance, plus family, friends and a bunch of kids.

Once again, lots of food and fun followed by the youngsters including the birthday girl and some of the grownups splashing in the river. The afternoon was a great success and everyone had a blast. Although Amelia probably won’t remember her first birthday, there are loads of pictures to show her when she is older.

After the party, Jack went to Brent and Vicki Duffett’s cottage to see the fireworks over Stephenson Lake, another tradition for us, although I couldn’t make it this year (too tired).

The fireworks there aren’t quite as elaborate as some of the others in the area, but with fireworks being shot off at several places around the lake, Jack said it wasn’t too shabby at all, and was a good wind up for another Fourth of July holiday.

Check out this week’s issue for photos of the many area activities over the weekend.

With the mid-summer holiday over for another year – and it was a pretty good one too – the time for reunions is here again.

I have one coming up this weekend. The Roscommon All-School Reunion is Saturday evening. My dad attended a one-room schoolhouse up there, graduating from eighth grade in the same building that is now the home of our nephew Randy and his wife Margo. There were two Richardson schoolhouses. The other one is now a museum in the Village.

Four generations of my family have gone to, or graduated from Roscommon as well as a multitude of cousins and even some aunts and uncles. It is always a family/school reunion for the Richardson clan. And with great-niece Sarah’s boys, another generation is attending school in Roscommon.

This year is the 55th since I graduated from what was then Gerrish Higgins High School and is now named Roscommon High, so I really want to attend the all-school reunion this year. It’s great fun to go back home again and see who turned gray, who is bald and who got old [certainly not me]. And, find that most of us have managed to put on a few pounds here and there. It always amazes me to see the kids I grew up with again. Those I never thought would amount to much are often very successful. Others I thought would grow up to be important members of their communities are often just plain folks like me.

The first few reunions I went to, the most important things seemed to be what everyone was doing now. Later on they just became a time to look at pictures, renew old friendships and enjoy a little time together.

When we went to Jack’s last class reunion six years ago – his 50th, I was amazed at how the conversations went. The topics most discussed were not careers and successes, but retirement and health! We heard about everyone’s operations and other problems – in great detail. The most fun came when they brought out the old school albums and pictures and tried to remember who everyone was. It was a small class – only 26 – and they did manage to get most of the guesses right. These days the class is much smaller since many of his classmates are gone now, but some still manage to get together every month for breakfast in Jackson (he graduated from the little town of Concord), and occasionally we are able to make it down to see them.

I wish our class had a ‘breakfast club’ tradition like this. We aren’t even having a class reunion this year and seldom see each other anymore.
It makes me wonder why in the world we haven’t kept in touch.

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  1. Merle Reply

    July 11, 2019 at 11:55 pm

    To Pat.

    The Days are Long and the Years are Short.

    Enjoyed our conversation the other night. Talk soon. Merle

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