Holidays and STORMS

December 30, 2015

Pat Maurer

Pat Maurer

Christmas is now over and the end of the year is about to arrive once again.
It has been an interesting few days in Clare County.

Ours was a nice Christmas, but we were much luckier than the more than 20 percent of Clare County Residents who lost their power on Christmas Eve. That’s one out of every five people folks, and has to be a first for Clare County. At least I can’t remember it ever happening since we have lived up here…
Then just as things seemed to be getting back to normal again, we got hit with the second winter storm of the season.

We had about four or five inches of snow fall, then sleet that rattled against our fireplace chimney for hours Monday evening and then freezing rain to top it all off. Even the County offices closed early and it was probably a good thing because by the time Jack came home from work around 11 p.m. Monday night the traffic was pretty much down to a crawl. He said he never drove more than 30 miles per hour all the way home from Farwell.

Being semi-retired and with my little office right here at home, I didn’t have any problems with the weather at all. I didn’t go anywhere Monday or Tuesday either, although that wasn’t too unusual since Tuesday was this week’s deadline day.

Those that had to, commented in several Facebook posts that “It wasn’t too bad but they could only drive about 35 miles per hour…

This much snow in one of the southern states would stop just about everything, but not us hardy Michiganders!

The snow and frosted trees looked beautiful this morning, but that heavy stuff was nearly impossible for Jack to shovel away from the front door and the garage doors. Luckily our trusty snowplow guy Brent was here to clear the driveway for us.

Brent loves snowstorms…
Our Christmas Day was Saturday and we had a houseful with three little ones to watch unwrapping their presents. As usual there was way too much food and now we have a refrigerator full of leftovers and a table full of desserts – which Jack and I certainly don’t need!

My big New Year’s Resolution this year is going to be diet, diet, diet…and, I am taking Jack along for the ride!

Other resolutions? I haven’t even thought about them yet. I would like to get granddaughter Mandy’s quilt finished before she gets married in late March. That will be my number “2” I guess.

With good news from all the doctor visits and test I’ve had this year, I am pretty healthy now. Guess number “4” will be to keep that up and maybe add a little more exercise to the mix.

After the holidays, the days seem so dreary, so we will have to keep busy to ward off those mid-winter blues.

I would also like to add in some more “me” time in 2016. I sure haven’t had much of that lately. It seems like I am always just finishing one thing and heading for the next chore on the list.

Maybe I will add “more healthy recipes” to my resolutions. I’ve been collecting them from Facebook and have quite a lot on the computer now. “More fruits and vegetables” are a must since I will be hitting the big “70” before too long.

The years seem to get going by faster and faster all the time. I remember when I thought 50 years old was ancient…I can even remember when I thought 30 was “pretty old.”

These days Jack keeps saying “70 is the new 50” Babe.”
Yeah, right…

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