Holidays, anniversaries and birthdays

June 20, 2014

Pat Maurer

Pat Maurer

Just last weekend I had to rush around and get a birthday card mailed out for granddaughter Kristina.
Her birthday was Tuesday and I almost forgot.

I have an excuse. Together with Father’s Day last Sunday, the brand new triathlon this weekend in Harrison plus a whole slew of activities there, an upcoming 4th of July holiday complete with a Wildwest show this year in Clare and the Summerfest celebration in Clare that starts next week, this time of year is pretty busy.
Summer is in full swing once again.

And this is the second round of family birthdays and special dates for this clan. Most of the others happen mid-January to mid-March.
My Dad, who has been gone since 1976, would have been 122 years old this month on June 27th. I may be getting pretty old, but I was the baby of that family!

Jack’s stepsister Colleen celebrates her birthday today (June 20); nephew Mike, gone now for many years, would have celebrated his on July 3; Brother Jim was born on the Fourth of July; and son Don will reach the ripe old age of 47 on July 5.
Jack’s brother Brent is next. His birthday is on the 20th, but we won’t mention how old he is getting – after all he is Jack’s little brother.
Also gone now for twenty years, their mom’s birthday was on July 25th, but we never could keep those two dates straight. One year Jack sent Brother Brent a card a whole month ahead of time, and missed his mom’s completely.

Brother Brent’s granddaughters Rowen and Alyssa have July birthdays too – on the 17th and 18th of the month.
I’m not done yet. Jacks youngest brother Gary, who died two years ago, celebrated his birthday on August 5; my sister-in-law Ginny will have hers on August 9th and Granddaughter Sammi’s birthday falls on the 18th of August, which is also my Brother Jim’s wedding anniversary.
There are three more dates to remember in September, granddaughter (in law sort of) Ada’s is on the 9th, Lisa and Terry’s anniversary is the 13th and Brent’s other granddaughter Tatum has a birthday on the 24th.

Sounds like a confusing eight or nine weeks, doesn’t it? If you are wondering how I manage to keep all of that straight, I don’t. I have it all written down. Actually I can barely remember my own birthday and once not too long ago, Jack and I both forgot our own anniversary!
Even with a list, I’ll bet I forget someone (or two) before the summer is over. I send out more belated cards than anyone I know.

Meantime, we are busy with work, summer projects (we have a list, remember?) and planning for our vacation which is coming up pretty soon.
I am hoping to spend a few days up at the camper relaxing, but guess what? Jack has a to-do list for up there too. He sure is a work-aholic…
There just doesn’t seem to ever be enough time to do all of the things we plan for this brief summer season. And, every year seems to slip by just a little faster than the one before.

Remember when you were a kid and summer seemed to last forever? It seemed like you had unlimited days and weeks just to have fun. Once you reach adulthood all of that seems to change and at some point in your life you just wake up and realize that time is flashing by faster and faster until you sometimes aren’t quite sure what time of year it is!

Maybe as a kid your mind is emptier (something I get accused of now actually) and as it fills up with life experiences, you start overloading until you begin to lose a few things here and there. You are so busy living and trying to get things done that you don’t even notice the time slipping by…
That’s why my philosophy is that vacations should be slow time to relax and smell the flowers or walk in the woods, or read a good book…
And I’m looking forward to it.

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