I hate change and there’s plenty of it coming

August 22, 2019

Pat Maurer

My computer seems to be slowing down, but then like the Maurers here on the river, it’s pretty old now. I keep hoping it will “heal itself.” Sometimes that happens you know…

I just hate having to learn how to use something new. Especially if it involves technology, which seems to change about every other week. I have an old cell phone (not too smart), an old computer (actually new in 2011), an old camera, and Jack takes care of the other gadgets around here for me.
Those who know me well know I have absolutely no “technical savvy” at all. I once shut down our car’s whole radio system just by trying to set the clock! Jack loves to tell that story since it took a series of seven steps – in exactly the right order – to do that.

I was just pushing buttons…
And he still has to show me occasionally how to get a movie to play in our machine. Sometimes I just manage to shut everything off instead of start a movie. It is one of the reasons I don’t watch much TV when I am home by myself. It is much safer to read a book…

Occasionally I am forced to drag myself into this modern world.
For the past few months our poor old aging computer system – my baby – has been getting slower and slower. Sometimes it freezes up for no reason and sometimes it opens files when I haven’t even asked it to do that. What’s worse, sometimes it loses a whole article I’ve just written.

I’ve learned to save, save, save.
Jack told me today that maybe it’s time to look for a new hard drive. I don’t want to. I am used to the old programs (2007 vintage) like my Microsoft word program and windows. If we get another computer I will have to learn all of the programs all over again…

I remember when I got this machine. I learned some brand new swear words while I was learning how to use it.

The printer won’t work right with a new system.
When we bought this now aging system, I spent nearly an hour one day just trying to figure out how to indent the first sentence of my paragraphs and emailing was a nightmare.

With another new one everything will be different once again. I’ll bet I will even have to learn how to access and use my email all over again.

I’m figuring it will take me about five years to get comfortable with another new system. Then of course it will probably be time to make some more upgrades.

I am definitely not a “Techie.”

My cell phone battery is another problem lately…it dies after a day or so and has to be charged. Jack says it costs as much for a battery as a whole new phone…I still don’t know how to use the one I have very well!

Anyway daughter Lisa gave me one of her old not so smart cell phones. Now I just have to activate it and learn how to use it. I’ve been carrying it around for about a month, dreading that process. I like the old one and have [almost] figured out how to use it to retrieve a message…

My phone is cute. It has a slide out tiny little keyboard – so I can text? It also has a nice built in camera if I can only ever figure out how to use it…
Speaking of cameras, Lisa also loaned me a handy little Nikon I can carry as a backup. You guessed it, my other spare’s battery is dying too. My big camera seems to be fine – so far.

If you think all this complaining is pretty bad, just wait until I start grousing when we move to a smaller place like we would like to do this fall sometime.

We have been here in this one for 34 years and I am used to it!

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