It has been an interesting week at the Maurers

October 30, 2015

Pat Maurer

Pat Maurer

I had a chance to watch a very special ceremony this week.
Granddaughter Alea was one of 39 beautiful young people inducted into Clare High School’s National Honor Society Tuesday evening.
I have to say I am extremely proud of my granddaughter, who works very hard to get good grades and still finds time to be involved in sports, band and many other good activities as well.

I am impressed with the whole idea that so many from the junior class were inducted that evening. Superintendent Doug Fillmore said that 38 out of 110 11th graders were inducted into the NHS, an incredible number of top students who will no-doubt be an inspiration to many, many others.
Pretty special students right? That also says something is pretty special about the staff and teachers here too.

All in all, it has been a pretty good week. The Memorial “Celebration” of the life of my much loved sister-in-law Ginny last Saturday was a pretty special event. She was a lovely lady who will be missed and I wasn’t the only one who knew that, evidenced by the many members of family and the friends that came to the downstate event to share special memories of good times with her.

I found out some new things about her last weekend, and I thought I knew her as well as anyone. She was not only a special wife and wonderful mother to seven, but a superlative grandma and a good friend. I was surprised to learn that she was also life-long scholar and writer about people, politics and just doing the right thing. She didn’t just watch the news, she read everything, took notes and kept multiple journals on subjects like advice about life for her children and grandchildren, her view on politics, truths she learned in her long life, and even a special one listing every cute thing her grandkids ever said.

Mom Lisa and Grandma Pat with Alea at NHS ceremony

Mom Lisa and Grandma Pat with Alea at NHS ceremony

What a great legacy! She left messages and a glimpse of herself for everyone and will continue to be there for her family long after her death. She will still be around to give advice and council to anyone who cares to turn those pages, and I am sure her family will find much comfort in the words and thoughts she left for them.

Her “celebration,” though sad, was a special tribute to a great lady filled with laughter as well as tears. What more can anyone ask than that?
Although the week has been pretty good all in all, I haven’t been doing so hot. I’ve been limping around all week after a “slip” on the step stool sent me careening down to body slam my back into the shelves in our walk-in closet and drop me – very ungracefully, I might add, fanny first into a basket of clean clothes. As I was sitting there wondering if anything was broken and how in the world I was going to get out of that situation, I realized something. I am just not operating in the same body I had 20 years ago anymore.  My egress from that basket was almost as ungraceful as my “entrance,” (I had to crawl) and when I finally was able to stand up and gingerly make it into my chair in the living room, I made a phone call to “confess.”

Naturally Jack came flying home from work in record time to “check me out,” and take me to the hospital. I convinced him to wait a bit until we determined if I had actually broken anything – other than my pride.

I didn’t, but now I am paying the price as my poor back keeps telling me every time I stand up, sit down, turn, or try to walk or sometimes even when I just move a little.

Ever had your back go out on you? I hadn’t, but now I know just what it feels like, although I guess I am recovering…but slowly.
Guess what? I have been banned from step stools, adamantly, and at least ten times so far, for life.

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