It’s fair time again

July 25, 2014

Pat Maurer

Pat Maurer

Lots of excitement around here this week.

The Isabella County Fair is going on right now and the Clare County Fair starts Sunday!

Oh and Primary Election Day is only a little over a week away. Of course you all knew that didn’t you? The television ads are already going hot and heavy for the November election – which is still months away!

Voting is really important to me but it kind of pales next to the fun of the County Fair. I had a chance to sample some of that fun this week in Isabella County. We spent most of Tuesday afternoon there, sampled an elephant ear, some fresh made lemonade and watched the granddaughters show off their lambs. Alea claimed a third place win and Alison a first in their groups for showmanship. I am pretty proud of those two girls, but after watching some of the laughable antics, I think they should rename the competition “Lamb wrestling,” because those fuzzy critters attempt to escape their juvenile “handlers” almost constantly. Luckily our girls both kept a firm grip on their charges and earned some accolades from the judge for their efforts.

The Isabella County Fair may be winding down, but there is more fun to come. All next week our own Clare County Fair will have lots more to offer with rides, displays and some top-name entertainment when Thomas Rhett and Cadillac West perform in the grandstand on Monday night.

The fair really does have really a lot to offer this year. The Skerbuck Carnival midway is back again with games and rides. There are truck and tractor pulls, a demolition derby, motocross, a mud bog, the Superkicker Rodeo and even a circus high wire act to tempt you to come up to the fair, so you can have the fun of the entertainment and fun of a fair, a circus and a rodeo all rolled into one fun week!

Remember County Fairs when you were young? Was there anything as exciting as the rides, as tempting as the chances to win a big stuffed animal, as interesting as some of the entries there?

And, nothing tastes quite as good as cotton candy at the fair, or a corn dog, although my personal favorite treat is always going to be French fries with vinegar and an elephant ear for dessert. Talk about great junk food!

In fact, I have always been really impressed with the work all of those youngsters put into raising their 4-H animals and I have always loved going through the animal barns to see them all.

The fair always makes for some great memories. I wasn’t in 4-H when I was a kid, but I never missed our little bitty fair in Roscommon County.

I can still remember my first ride on a roller-coaster. It wasn’t very big, but I thought it was the neatest thing I had ever done. My Aunt Ruby and Uncle Sid talked for years about the time she took me to the fair wearing an old pair of my mother’s high heels that I just couldn’t bear to take off.

More than a few years ago when we went to the fair, I managed to talk Jack into dressing up in old western costumes and having our picture taken. He actually looked right at home in fringed buckskins, cowboy hat and holding a rifle.  I still have that picture and a great one of daughter Lisa and her friend Kari outfitted as western dance hall girls.

I know Al, I tell those stories just about every year, but those are some of the best memories I have.

I still love all the fun and excitement of the fair, although actually I am not much for the rides any more, my top speed is probably the Ferris wheel – sometimes. I do like the Merry Go Round…

But I still love to go and see the 4-H competitions, the animals and all of those wonderful displays. It always amazes me how many talented people we have right here in our own area. I can’t wait to see some of the entries by our own Sherry Landon, who is quite a talented artist.

I can’t help it; the county fair always makes me feel like a kid again.

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