It’s tax time – Whoopie!

February 9, 2018

It is amazing how many things I find that I need to do when it is time to get stuff around to file income taxes, especially when it involves sorting receipts for my

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

office expenses.

That and my payroll figures are all I am responsible for as my buddy Jack takes care of all of the household and medical records (Bless him).

I got the payroll stuff ready right at the beginning of the year, but that folder of receipts for expenses has been lurking in the desk drawer for weeks.

I am a champion procrastinator.

Jack has been reminding me that I needed to get it done. I really didn’t have the time…there was a small quilt for the camper waiting for me to finish it – I did; then there was cookies to bake, and new books to read on my Kindle (I’ve actually gone through 11 since the first of the year and I’m pretty sure  that is a record for me). My closet needed organizing – done; extra material for the quilt needed to be sorted and put away…another necessary chore – also now done; the dog needed a little extra attention, and a bath – also done.

Meantime I was also working (really hard) on articles for the paper and when that was done I really needed to rest…

Anyway this past weekend I finally ran out of excuses, I mean reasons I couldn’t get this done… (although I was thinking that I really need to work on finishing granddaughter Samantha’s quilt…) and I reluctantly buckled down and finally sorted all of those darn pieces of paper by date and entered them all in the computer for our accountant.

Then I found out Jack hadn’t added up our out-of-pocket medical expenses yet. I must have made him feel guilty, because he got right at it, finished in half the time it took me to do mine, and now everything is done and ready to go.

One of my resolutions this year was to enter all of those expenses every month so it won’t take me a day and a half to do it next January…

And here it is February and I just haven’t had the time to get at it – again. Oh well maybe I’ll do it every two months.

I wish I had my hubby’s energy and ambition. Seems like he is always working on something around here. So far since the holidays he has replaced part of the small bathroom floor and just before he replaced all of my office floor, a very extensive project, but it sure looks great. He keeps the snow cleared away, feeds the birds all the time, does most of the cleaning and all of the laundry around here and even cooks a few meals for us. He is now learning how to make homemade soup and already cooks a delicious breakfast quite often.

He is quite a guy although cooking has never been his strong suit. One time I asked him to put a rolled roast in the oven at 200 for me when he came home for lunch from work. I worked in another town at the time.

He put it in the oven for me but forgot the temperature so set it at 350 degrees. When I got home we had a softball sized, very well-done beef roast…

He even burned fish sticks in the over one time and used to think that burgers on the grill didn’t need to be watched very closely (charcoal again).

These days I still do most of the meals, but he is my helper and getting pretty good at it finally after all these years.

I credit his mom for his expertise in housework as she had only boys and they all learned how to bake (he is pretty good at that) and clean and even iron. Jack used to do most of her ironing.

Unfortunately once we got married he never touched an iron again, even to this day.

Actually I am not fond of that chore myself and these days, thank goodness, I don’t have much of it to do with all of the wrinkle free apparel and of course that slightly wrinkled look that has become so popular…

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