Look Around For a Splash of Fall Color

October 14, 2019

Pat Maurer

We enjoyed our first “mini-tour” of fall colors last weekend when we went up to our campsite to close down the 5th Wheel for the winter.

We made it a round-about trip heading north and west into West Branch where we made a stop for lunch at the Lumberman’s Restaurant, always a great place to stop for a bite to eat!

We didn’t see a lot of color on the way there Friday, but while heading on up towards Roscommon on the back roads, we did see some areas that were beautiful with fall color. Most of the color we found was in the lower lying areas between St. Helen and M-72 west of Roscommon. On Saturday we headed north to Grayling doing a counter clockwise circle route up and back to the camper (with a quick stop at the Dairy Queen in Grayling of course).

We saw some more beautiful areas coming south past Camp Grayling, but it’s certainly not “peak” color even up there yet. More like a splash of color here and there like spring when the flowers just start blooming – you have to look for it.

We drove 235 miles this time, but I’m looking forward to another “color tour” in a couple of weeks or so. This time we will head west and north to look for those “blooming trees.”

I even saw some more “splashes” of color today (Tuesday) on my way to Harrison and back for an interview. The sunshine made those colors I did see just glow. We missed most of the sunshine on our weekend trip. It was mostly cloudy, but we still enjoyed our little weekend of sightseeing.

Sunday it was time to pack up and close down the camper for another winter. A sad time for us because it will be April or May before we head up for the much more pleasant chore of opening it up again for the summer.

Back home again, it’s a busy time of year for this reporter. We will be doing Business Profiles at the end of the month so between now and then I will be doing interviews, taking pictures and writing articles for that section – plus doing my regular writing as well.

I have to admit, it is fun to get out and visit with people, a must for this section of the newspaper.

Around home, it still feels like summer (during the daytime at least) with all of my flowers around the house blooming even better than they did earlier.

Now I’m waiting for that first hard frost to hit and wilt them all like wet spinach – then it will be time to clear out the outside planters until next spring arrives again. The weather reports on TV are threatening snow showers for the weekend! Between now and Friday when the paper comes out it should be in the 60s and maybe even low 70s they say, then watch out because the daytime weekend temps will only be in the 40s and low 50s.

Ah Michigan… shorts on Wednesday and winter coats on Saturday!

While we wait for the seasons to change once again, There’s lots of wildlife around the place to watch when I get a minute away from the computer, and the sunrises over the river have been pretty spectacular this week. The river is still fascinating to watch every day.

In between the busy times, here at home we are still working on downsizing to get ready for a move to a smaller place, a move which now has been postponed until a spring sale of this property. I have to say I’m relieved that we don’t have to hurry with that chore, because there’s still a lot to do around this place on the Tobacco before we make our move.

When we finally do leave this beautiful home on the river, I know I will miss it.

We are moving but we will be staying here around Clare, if you are wondering. I’ve been asked if we are moving away several times already. We are not. Our family is mostly here and we want to stay close to them.

Since 1983, Clare has been our home, we don’t want to change that.

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