Once again it’s time for New Year resolutions

January 4, 2018

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

It probably is a little late to be doing this, but I have been thinking about New Year’s resolutions.

2017 is gone forever and we are already into 2018. Sounds like something out a science fiction movie to me…

Facing another new year, I have been re-reading some of my old columns on resolutions. They are always easy to make, but unfortunately not so easy to keep, I have discovered.

Every year about this time I talk about New Year Resolutions. I always say I’m not going to make any this time, and then I do it anyway.  Some resolutions can be pretty hard to face a few months into the New Year. You know which ones I mean – to lose a lot of weight, always be patient, stop worrying and get in shape.
Better to make some that actually can be kept – eat more fruit and less cookies, exercise a little more, find time for yourself.

Actually I think resolutions are a pretty good thing, goals that, if you keep them simple enough, you may actually be able to accomplish. And, sometimes events help make that a little more possible.

I’m afraid 2017 was a really tough year for the Maurers.

We lost two cousins and have been dealing with the “Big C” both with family and friends.

So I would like to start out with the resolution to have a better year in 2018 and have it come true this year. Those are more wishes than resolutions, but I keep hoping.

My other resolutions are:
*To exercise more…and believe it or not I have started doing just that. Spent 20 minutes “biking” this morning and didn’t go very far, but did make it through about 10 percent of a movie. Just hope I can keep it up because my “health” certainly needs it, along with my “hips.” Jack has also decided to “cycle” and naturally makes it a lot further and a lot longer than I do.

*To find more time for friends and family because we never know how long they, or we, are going to be around. Life seems much shorter every year, and they go by so fast…

*To think “positive” always and deal with the problems in life with more patience and grace. Also not an easy one for us lately.

*To eat vegetables and fruit every day, and try to limit the “cookies” and snacks. Since I am addicted to crackers, chips and cheese, that one could be difficult but I am determined to try…

*To not feel guilty when I plant flowers instead of vegetables in my little garden out back. I did that last year and thoroughly enjoyed seeing those blooms every day. Vegetables I can buy.

*To spend more time outdoors (weather permitting) and just enjoy life a little more.

*To write a few letters to make up for not sending Christmas cards this season…of course I spend quite a bit of time on Facebook, but I don’t think that qualifies.

*Spending more time with Jack is also a given now that I work mostly here at home and since he retired a year ago, we are eating at home a lot more than we used to. That has been kind of nice too. He is becoming a pretty good cook and kitchen helper! Meanwhile he (kind of) keeps me company when I am working on the computer (check out the picture).

*Go camping often. That’s one I make every year and we always manage to keep. We were able to spend more time this last summer “at the camper,” than we ever have and enjoyed quite a few family gatherings both there and here at home.

Keeping me company while I write...an exciting time.

Keeping me company while I write…an exciting time.

In this recent cold weather, I have been wishing for summer again so we can spend more time up at our little getaway place in Roscommon.

Spring is only 75 days away I read this morning!

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