Our first relaxing weekend at the camper

August 31, 2017

A rainy cool weekend in Clare didn’t dampen our spirits at all. We were enjoying cool, but sunny weather at the camper in Roscommon.

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

Usually our luck isn’t quite so good, as the reverse is often true. When we are up there we get rain while the weather in Clare is dry.

We had a campfire going all the time, even cooked steaks over it, and enjoyed a quieter weekend than usual, as Jack, the resident handyman, only had one surprise project on his to-do list this time. Next door neighbor and sister-in-law Marlene had a little flood in her travel trailer.

She said she discovered it around midnight on Friday, shut her water off, and spent the rest of the night worrying about having to have her shower replaced and how much it would cost, etc…etc…etc.

I know exactly what she is talking about since I spend some nights going over and over things that might go wrong around here in my own head. I certainly don’t sleep nearly as well as I used to.

Anyway, when Saturday morning arrived the fix was simple. A couple of new washers with a total cost of around $1.40 and it was handyman Jack to the rescue. (He loves having something to do after all).

For the rest of the weekend, it was relax and enjoy a couple of days with great-granddaughter Ayssa, who we didn’t see much of once she discovered her cousins Thomas and Marcus live right next door. The three, two at age six and one who is five, had a rip-roaring good time topped off when she was invited along for a visit to a local playground, lunch at Subway and a mini-zip lining experience. We heard about that in great detail complete with a vivid description of her ride when she came back.

She left for home Saturday afternoon and the old folks immediately took a nap.

Before the two little boys arrived on the scene these two old grandparents were running out of things for her to do, so I’m glad she had such a great time. And before she reluctantly left our little campsite, she wanted to know when she can go camping with us again…

Of course our weekend included a big family dinner to celebrate nephew Ricks 61st birthday Friday evening. His Mom Marlene cooked about 50 homemade tacos (his favorite and mine as well) and we all gorged ourselves with those and all the goodies to go along with them, especially the German chocolate birthday cake made from scratch by his sister-in-law Margo. It was our first family get together on Marlene’s new porch and we all had a great time celebrating.

What was Rick’s favorite gift? A kitten from his grandsons of course.

The only labor during the whole weekend was Marlene’s little leak and putting the new fold-down couch in place in the camper. Jack had delivered it earlier in the week and brought the old one back to a new home in my sewing room until we decide what to do with it.

When we bought the 5th Wheel (used of course), although it was new in 2004, it was decorated in a 1950s or even earlier style with flowered curtains, a flowered bedspread, a flowered sagging couch, flowered dining benches and rose colored carpet. It was a flower overload and reminded me of a grandma’s parlor!
Since last summer we have replaced two old flowered chairs, tore out a large part of the carpet and replaced it with wood grained vinyl planks, tore out the dining benches and replaced them with an oak table and chairs, tossed the bedcover in the trash and replaced the couch with a dark brown faux leather fold down couch, which Ayssa got to sleep on before anybody else.

It is much cozier now and the curtains I can live with …for a while anyway.

If you read my columns, you know that we also moved our old deck in front of the new (to us) 5th Wheel and expanded it. This summer it got stained and outfitted with benches.

No big projects this time thank goodness.

Guess it was time for us to just enjoy a weekend up there for a change.

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