Pat’s Bits and Pieces- Don’t give up yet- warm weather is coming

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent


Where else but in mid- Michigan would you have sunshine and temperatures flirting with the 60s on one day, snow flurries on the next and fl ooding on the following day? It must still be April.

At least the usual spring wildfire danger is down now with all of the rain we had this week. When I was writing this they were predicting low 40s, and rain mixed with snow flurries. Then of course the rainkept coming and kept coming and now a big portion of our yard is underwater again.

Now I hear that Friday will be back down in the 30s again. Ah Michigan. Despite the recent cooler weather, the rain has the grass turning green again.

Monday, when the deluge started, we made a trip to Mt. Pleasant and commented on the way down on how brown the landscape was. Two and a half hours later on the way home, the grass along the highway and even along our road was already turning green.

Despite the nasty weather, I have, in my spare time, been sifting through the seed catalogs and I am having a hard time not buying – just a few things to put in when the weather finally breaks… Jack keeps reminding me that winter isn’t quite over yet…I am pretty sure he’s right since reading the weather predictions this week. He tells me that we can still have a big winter storm before it is all over again and he could be right since there seems to be quite a big storm hitting the states just west of us. Monday morning’s news reported predictions of 8-18 inches of snow in some places – Yuck. Guess I would rather have the rain.

For now I have to be content with just looking outside when I take a break and watching all of the antics at the bird feeders. Cold weather or not, spring seems to be, if not actually here, on the way, and it shows with the assortment of wildlife competing for those goodies out there.

Luckily I can spend most of my time inside these days, and the fi replace is still going strong

and keeping it cozy while I am “glued” to my computer chair. At least I am able to keep warm, at least most of the time.

If you haven’t guessed, it has been another very busy week for this “semiretired” old lady. I have been working on Home and Garden articles for the paper, attending township meetings and writing my reminder “post-it-notes” so I won’t forget anything that I have to do. Despite having an assortment of “planners” on hand, that always seems to be the best method for me.

Even that’s not always a perfect solution. Sometimes I forget to read the notes! There’s currently quitea few little reminders attached to the top of this computer screen. We have lots going on across the area this week with the grand opening and ribbon cutting at the new MidMichigan Medical Center Cardio Cath lab last Monday evening; the downtown Clare 515 Gallery Spring Show featuring area students work on Saturday (April 13) from 6 to 8 p.m.; the annual Paula Pernstill Health and Safety Fair next week on Saturday (April 20) from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Farwell Schools; and Northern Traditions, MMCC’s annual fundraiser, at Jay’s Sporting Goods on Sunday, April 21 from 6-9 p.m.

At least I’m never bored. Hopefully by next week the warm weather will be back again and I can find a little spare time to satisfy that annual urge to get outside and do just a little raking and, maybe look around the house for the first flowers to peek up of course.

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