Pat’s Bits & Pieces- April is here – maybe spring?

March 29, 2013

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

I’ve seen so many jokes about the arrival of spring lately, there’s no question that it is what is constantly on everybody’s mind.

The Associated Press even reported that, “A winter-weary Ohio prosecutor filed a tongue-in-cheek criminal indictment against Punxsutawney Phil over his “prediction” of an early spring.” He later dropped the charges.

Poor Phil. He has been shot, threatened with lynching and locked up, and all because he messed up that six week prediction on the first of February.

You know our TV weathermen do the same thing nearly every day…and they can’t get it right even when it is only a day away!

Speaking of predictions, March is winding down – like a lion? Or a lamb? – this week and April arrives on Monday. Still there’s no flowers growing (around here anyway) and there’s still widespread patches of snow – and ice all over the yard.

Sure isn’t the same as 2012, is it? If there’s one thing you can count on living in the middle of Michigan, it is that you can’t count on the weather to be the same at the same times each year, or even guess what it might be and get it right most of the time.

We just take what we get…and avoid the potholes.

Oh yeah, they are back again – those not-so-wonderful signs of spring, so watch out for your tires and suspensions, especially on the back roads of Clare County. Those nasty critters really are the heralds of the season change, whether Mother Nature cooperates or not.

Winter-weary is a good way to describe everyone’s attitude. I was checking out old columns this afternoon. Nothing very similar weather-wise in the past three years, but here are some exerpts.

*March 26, 2012: “After temperatures above 85 degrees in the middle of the month, the cooler, more normal springtime weather, still a bit above normal for this time of year, is back again.”

*March 21, 2011: “I woke up this morning to see my favorite guy Brent busy plowing us out – just in time for the little dogs to get out there and do their morning thing without being buried in the snow banks.”

*March 22, 2010: “The weather has been beautiful at least during the daytime all month with the exception of a little rain on the 13th and snow flurries last weekend which dropped about an inch of that old winter standby on us.”

That wasn’t very encouraging, so I went back even a bit further:

*March 28, 2001: “It has been gray, cold and snowy. Hard to believe we are only a couple of days away from April 1st, because it feels more like February!”

*March 24, 2000: “Have you seen the green grass peeking through last year’s leaves? It really is there, and the tree behind my home office is sporting buds that are beginning to look a bit like tiny leaves.” (Two weeks later in April) “For the past two weeks we have had snow pictures on the front page.”

*April 7, 1995: “So far April has meant mostly snow flurries and cold temperatures although for a few brief days it did seem like spring might be here.”

Back to 2013 — Now I’m depressed. Every February I convince myself that by the end of March spring will certainly arrive. Unfortunately when it does arrive by that time, very occasionally, a snowstorm follows almost immediately, sometimes right in the middle of April!

Well I guess I am still an optimist, so maybe nice weather is just around the corner. The wildlife bombarding the feeders seems to think so. The weatherman has said that we should get 50 degrees this weekend sometime…and the sun has been shining this afternoon…and Jack managed to get the ice out of the downspout today…

Maybe the snowstorms are over for another year. Maybe spring isn’t really very far away.


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