Pat’s Bits & Pieces- Bits…October sunshine

October 4, 2013

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

Wow has it ever been hard to stay indoors and work today!
Sunshine, 70 degrees, birds singing, leaves falling – who could ask for more? It has been the kind of week that should be mandated for all fall days. I don’t know if this is Indian Summer or not, but I like it.

Wouldn’t it be great if we got this weather on the 31st when all of the kiddies are out looking for treats?

It is almost fall color tour time in the NLP. The leaves are turning. In fact I saw some beautiful color here and there on my way to Harrison last Monday afternoon. It makes me anxious to take a nice long ride and see just how much there is a bit further north. I’ll just bet they are even further along up near the camper and we are going to check that out maybe this weekend or next when we go up to do the annual “closing up” for the winter. We usually try to take all of the back roads and combine that last trip with our annual fall color tour.

The days may be warm but you can tell cooler weather is in the picture again most evenings when the thermometer dips down into the 40s and occasionally the 30s. We haven’t had any frost here – yet, but brought a couple of the hanging plants into the porch just in case we get a surprise some morning. Today it is hard to believe the nice weather is just about over again.
I’m not sure where September went, but it sure is gone again. You know what that means. In spite of this week’s beautiful weather, we can expect snow anytime in the next six weeks! That’s right folks. Halloween is just around the corner now and the pumpkins are out again.

The hummingbirds are long gone, but the activity around the bird feeder hasn’t let up a bit. Spurred by this warm spell no doubt, those little moochers are emptying them almost every couple of days, and what they don’t get, the squirrels and chipmunks scarf up.

They all seem to be worried that the big guy who lives here will forget to fill those feeders. In fact although they were still half-full yesterday we had one goldfinch that actually came right up to the window and peered in as if to say “Get these things filled!”

Meantime I guess we should enjoy this brief beautiful time. The flowers, around the Maurer place and all over town in fact, are still beautiful. Especially the mums, which are taking advantage of all the recent showers to bloom like mad this fall.

There are purple and gold and white wildflowers everywhere you look. And, have you seen the sumac bushes just east of Clare? Located just beyond the Peré Marquette tunnel under U.S. 127, suddenly they are so red it doesn’t seem quite real.

Fall really is the sweetest, shortest season of all. Fall colors in this state are so beautiful that you just can’t seem to remember them from one year to the next. They are always a new and incredible surprise. When the sun shines, all of the shades of red and gold are so brilliant them seem to be lighted from the inside. I can’t wait until they are in “full bloom” again.

Did you ever notice that each season has its own special scent? Winter is cold and clean, spring first brings the green smell of things just beginning to grow and later on the delicious scent of lilacs in bloom. Summer scents are sweet and drowsy and warm.

There is a special scent to fall. It is faintly spicy with a hint of smoke in the air, which seems so crisp and clean that sometimes you just have to go for a walk.

I’m ready for it.

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