Pat’s Bits & Pieces- Camping, cleaning and completing projects

May 31, 2013

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

Well it is here now – summer has begun again.

Remember when I said it will be September 1 before we know it? Well it is Tuesday, May 28th already. I am sitting here looking at the calendar and realizing that every single weekend in May had something written on it and now every single weekend in June is filled up too.

I’m afraid to look at July, but I am pretty sure Jack’s “to-do” list may not get “to-done” like he wants it to. I’m almost positive it will have to be drastically shortened anyway.

He wants to paint the house, his one big summer project in a long list, but before we can start, a huge planter and years of mulch has to be removed from the front of the house, the siding underneath needs to be repaired or replaced and he has to fill woodpecker holes on every side of this place
And I can’t put in any flowers until it is finished either.

Somehow I don’t think all of that will be done in one weekend…

Usually I am the family optimist, but when it comes to summer projects, Jack always thinks he is Superman!

It would be nice if we could extend those summer months like we can the due date with the IRS. A six-month extension on summer, and on his project list would seem kind of nice right now.

At least we are off to a great start. We spent the holiday weekend on our first camping trip of the season and had a really nice sunny weekend to boot. And of course Jack got to mark a few things off his list up there: washing the campers, washing the decks, cleaning up limbs…

I crossed off some of my list too: reading a couple of books, having a family cookout, an afternoon nap, a little shopping, spending time with family…and of course unpacking and getting the inside of the camper ready and stocked for another season of fun.

The only trouble with four-day weekends is the fact that they only seem to last one day. We had just gotten there, and suddenly it was time to come back home again…

At least the rain held off until we got home again. Granddaughter Sammi, Grandson Jason and Ada and baby Ayssa all house sat for the weekend, so we came home to a mowed yard, watered plants and clean house. That was really nice and much appreciated!!
Now if I can only convince them that painting the house is fun…

I guess Mother Nature really had the laugh on us. Here I am talking about our beautiful weekend weather Tuesday afternoon and by Wednesday morning, she had hit us with a whopper thunderstorm and dropped 3.5 inches of rain right on top of us.

You know what that meant…by 3:30 a.m. we were vacating the premisises until we were sure it wasn’t coming into the house!!

We did and it didn’t, and today (Wednesday) we are home and watching the water recede again. This is the fourth time this year that our little stream has turned into a raging torrent and swallowed up most of our yard in the process and I certainly hope it is the last time this year.

Guess that freshly mowed grass got watered good this time.

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