Pat’s Bits & Pieces– Christmas, Christmas

December 20, 2013

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

With Christmas now less than a week away, I am living up to my reputation as usual.

Still don’t have all of the shopping done (and none of the wrapping) but hopefully I will get it finished Friday, when Lisa and I go shopping together. I still have two granddaughters, two great-granddaughters, Jack and son Don to finish. Actually Jack has Don’s name, but I get to do the shopping…hmm socks? Luckily I do have a few extra days since we will celebrate with the family on the 29th.

We have made cookies several times – the granddaughters did most of that work, but my other goodies are still on the to-do list along with the Christmas Cards. Guess I will do letters and mail them after the holiday this year.

I’m not sure where the time went, but it sure is gone again and another year is winding to a close. That means it is once again time for the “Year in Review” and you guessed it, I haven’t started that yet either…

Christmas is here. Isn’t it interesting how we hurry and scurry just to celebrate this one certain holiday in the year? It’s like a wedding day, you plan and work on it for months and then it is all over in just a few short hours.

With everything we have to do before the holiday, it is easy to lose sight of the most important thing of all – why we celebrate this particular holiday in the first place.

Two thousand and thirteen years ago, in a little obscure town in the middle east, a baby was born in very humble surroundings. He grew up, lived a very short life, and in the process gave the majority of the world love, peace and a reason for living. By example, he taught us patience, faith and hope through his totally unselfish existence. Is it any wonder we celebrate that wonderful humble birth more than two centuries later and that we strive in our lives to emulate just a little of what he taught?
I think it is truly wonderful and amazing that we celebrate his birth – and life by doing a little of what he did – giving. We give to loved ones, to friends and even to those we don’t even know. What we give is gifts, but isn’t it really a little of ourselves and a little love too?

In light of the conflicts in that distant part of the world where this tradition started, we sometimes need to remember all we have to be thankful or this Christmas. We need this time to pause and renew those fragile bonds of love for our fellow man.

So take a little time next Wednesday, after the presents are opened and the rush is over, and offer up a little prayer for those who aren’t quite so lucky as we are, the ones who can’t be home for Christmas and the ones who have no home to celebrate in. Pray for peace, next for comfort and finally for their safety. Send them your love with gifts, words from home and maybe just the understanding that they are remembered.

Remember those who cannot be with you for a part of that traditional family Christmas with a special call or visit. Share your holiday, even a small part of it with someone less fortunate and you will truly be celebrating that long ago birth.

My Christmas wishes this year go out to all our troops so far from home this Christmas Day; to family both here and far away; and to our friends which are our true treasures over the years. And a Merry Christmas to all of you out there who help make my day to day life a joy at best and bearable at least. My best gift to you is my thanks and love.

I wish you all joy and peace this Christmas.

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