Pat’s Bits & Pieces– Christmas Countdown only ten days left!

December 13, 2013

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

OMG, there’s only ten days left until Christmas!

Guess I really have to get some shopping – and baking done pretty soon…

You guessed it, I haven’t even started yet and to tell the truth, I am not really all that anxious to go out shopping in the frigid weather we have been (?) enjoying lately. Anytime the snow “squeaks” when you walk on it, it is way too cold out there for me.

It doesn’t matter what the weather is, or how much spare time I have, I am always late. If it needs to be done by Tuesday, that is usually when I start it … late Tuesday. In spite of everything I do – make lists, set clocks and watches ahead, write appointments down for 15 minutes before I actually need to be there – I am still almost always late, and like a chronic dieter, I am always trying to change my bad habits without much success at all.

True procrastinators have their own type of schedule you know. Summer clothes, for instance, are put away usually not later than December (I really should get busy on that chore). Spring cleaning, if it gets done at all, is a chore crossed off the list around the 15th of July. Christmas packages and cards are always mailed shortly after Christmas; sometimes they even arrive in time for the New Year! That’s because we never, ever finish the Christmas shopping until late on the 24th of December.

This year I actually have some extra time since we will have the family Christmas on December 29…that should make the holiday weekend interesting! I wonder if there will be after-Christmas sales going on…

Sometimes with my efforts to change this bad habit, it gets really confusing. Once I kept forgetting (until February actually) to set my watch when it was time to “fall back.” Boy was I ever early for events that year! I have solved that problem now though. Jack takes care of all the clocks and I never wear a watch anymore…

I really do have an excuse for being late with the season stuff this year: work is always a good one to use of course and keeping company with granddaughter Mandy and her almost finance Max, who are visiting from California is even better. Having them here means family suppers and visits and going to events with them. In fact we all just attended a fabulous Christmas Concert at Clare High School Monday. Both granddaughters – Alea and Alison – are in band this year; Alea in the high school band and Alison in 6th grade band.

Jack even took time off work to come. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole program with featured numbers by the jazz band, 6th, 7th, 8th and the high school group. It was neat to see the progress the bands make each year and the evening wound up with a superb performance by the Symphony Band. What a talented bunch of kids they all are! The only problem I had was the need for cushioning on those darn bleacher seats. I always plan to take a cushion along to events in the gym – and I always forget and end up sitting on my coat. Sometimes we get lucky and sit in the “old folks” chairs set up in front of the bleachers.

So far during Mandy and Max’s visit we have had two family dinners and a visit from four other grandchildren, but not all at once. Hopefully we will all get together one more time before they have to go back next Monday.

It sure is fun having family around this time of year. Guess the shopping really can wait just a few more days…

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