Pat’s Bits & Pieces- Color tour time again

October 11, 2013

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

pat maurerIt has sure been a beautiful week. Trees are turning all over the area and I believe the color in Clare County will peak in the next week or so.

I have sure enjoyed excursions to Harrison and around town with all of the sunshine making the red and yellow and orange leaves just glow.

We really needed it too, since our color tour last weekend on the way up to the camper was pretty much a “bust.” We have had some wonderful weekends away this season, but this sure wasn’t one of them.

We headed out Friday morning and despite the cloudy weather did see a bit of color here and there. We took M61 east and caught the back roads all the way up to Houghton Lake. Kept watching, but most of the leaves were still pretty green except for a few “bursts” of color here and there.

Then just south of Prudenville on M18, the rain started coming down and except for a couple of brief respites, it kept on doing that all weekend long. Too wet for campfires and I didn’t even get any good pictures to show off!

So we spent Friday afternoon and Saturday mostly inside with a couple of good books and a few movies. That’s not bad, especially when we add in a couple of naps, but then we needed those. It was pretty hard sleeping because not only were we getting pelted with raindrops, it was raining lots of acorns all weekend long.

All night long both Friday and Saturday we listened to what sounded like rocks hitting the camper roof. It must be a bumper crop for the oak trees up there this year.

Sunday it was a bit more dangerous, at least for Jack and Brother Jim who were outside trying to button things up for the winter. Lucky me, I got to do the cleaning and packing inside. Jim said next year he will bring hard hats with him! Could be because he got hit right on top of his head a couple of times.

Seemed like there were mutant squirrels in the trees pelting us every time we came outside.

Naturally Sunday afternoon on our way home again the sun came out!

Sure was an interesting weekend.

This week has made up for it all though. We have had some really beautiful days and the colors are blooming all over the area.
Lisa, Terry and the girls will be doing their tour this weekend and I think they will have a lovely time if what I’ve been reading is accurate.

I have been browsing the internet looking for tips for fall color tours.

Found the best reports, as usual, at the AAA website.

In our area the fall colors are coming on fast with peak colors expected for the next couple of weeks.

AAA says In the Northwestern Lower Peninsula, color is filling in fast. Prime viewing conditions are expected this weekend at Boyne City’s Young State Park, Otsego Lake State Park in Gaylord, Traverse City State Park, Frankfort, Cadillac and Manistee, with 90 percent color development reported.

In the Northeast, 90 percent color development is reported in Mackinaw City, Cheboygan, Rogers City, Roscommon, Alpena, Gaylord and Grayling. This weekend may be the best time to view prime fall color in these areas.
Figures, doesn’t it?

In the Southwest, peak color is still a week or two away. At Holland State Park, color development is reported at 50 percent, and only 30 percent at Yankee Springs Recreation Area in Hastings.

In the Southeast, prime fall color is still a week or two away AAA reports.

We will be checking the fall color process on the southern route out Friday when we head downstate for Jack’s monthly “classmate’s breakfast.”

Just in case I will take the camera along.

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