Pat’s Bits & Pieces- Hot, hazy and humid days

July 12, 2013

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

Another summer week has flown by.

We spent part of the holiday weekend at the camper, relaxing and enjoying time with family. It seemed like the shortest four day weekend ever…

Seems like the season is passing unusually fast with only seven weeks left until the next holiday – and the unofficial end of summer – at least in this household.

The last few weeks have been warm ones with lots of heat and humidity…and high pollen, a real problem for those of us struggling with allergies this year, so I spend as much time in the air-conditioned inside looking out as I can.
And there is a lot to see out there.

Recent rainfall has brought on an explosion of greenery and flowers, both my planted, but so far unweeded blooms and a wild profusion of wildflowers I’ve noticed along the roads whenever I have to travel. The grass still seems to grow inches overnight, keeping Jack busy on the mower between showers.

Recently, instead of watching TV, we have been watching the wildlife, whose antics put on quite a show both at the feeders and in the yard by the river. Lately we have had quite a lot of deer in the yard, including a pair of spotted fawns, which has made for some great entertainment for us– playing tag across the yard and munching on the leaves of the willow tree near the river banks.

Mama hasn’t been far away from these rambunctious youngsters, although we seldom see her. She stands guard quietly behind the trees and shrubs and tries, trying without much success, to keep those twins under control.

We often have up to six deer living in the little woods in our backyard and have even once spotted a newborn just off the little path through them, but have never had our yard made into such a playground, with the two fawns racing around the yard and chasing each other so enthusiastically. Zoom! And they race towards the road. A couple of seconds later they zoom by in the other direction, race around and around the big old willow tree and back again.

It makes it hard for me to stay here in the office and concentrate on my work, since they seem to show up at all times of the day and especially towards evening.

At the feeder the birds are hard pressed to collect their share of the goodies with all of the squirrels and chipmunks constantly “filling up.” Another first this year is a pair of tiny chipmunk youngsters who chase each other away and stuff their cheeks so full of seeds it seems like they will burst. We have two or three red squirrels, at least three fox squirrels and about six chipmunks all trying to get some of those yummy seeds while keeping the others at bay.

Jack has a hard time keeping the feeders full even when they do get empty, which is about every other day. We have birds and chipmunks both who come up to the door and peer inside, sometimes even tapping on the sliding glass doors to see if he will come out and add some more seeds to their never-ending buffet.

We haven’t had many hummingbirds in attendance this year, but the orioles are taking care of the sugar water feeders pretty regularly. They are such beautiful birds with their bright orange and black attire.

All of the other regulars are in attendance too. We have bright red cardinals, vibrant yellow gold finches, little chickadees, loads of red-winged blackbirds and even grosbeaks all looking for handouts.
Gotta love summer.

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