Pat’s Bits & Pieces- It’s May – the best month of the year!

May 3, 2013

I’m afraid to say it very loud, but with temperatures in the low 80s today (My thermometer says 83 degrees), I think we are having a preview of summer. That is a perfect beginning for the best month of the year.
It seems hard to believe that just over a week ago it was snowing. That’s Michigan I guess.
May has arrived again. Hard to believe that it is here already. You know what that means – from here to July will only seem like a week or two and from here to September 1st will seem like a short month when it arrives.
It doesn’t seem fair that January, February and March seem to last for six months while May, June, July and August only seem to last about three weeks.
Summertime means fast time.
Flowers are up and blooming around the area, our crazy magnolia trees is about to bloom, there are buds on the lilacs and a lot of the trees are sporting tiny little leaves – and our grass almost needs mowing again. In fact Jack told me he say someone already out mowing!
Weather like this makes it very difficult to sit inside at this computer and keep working, but it is Wednesday – that’s deadline day again, and my busiest day of the week.
It is a fairly quiet week for this writer and I’m not afraid to say that since the afternoon is winding down. Tomorrow the newspaper goes together and another week is done.
Friday, the day the paper comes out is my day off usually so I am really hoping this weather holds on because I am planning to go out and look for morels. We always seem to find a few in the yard, enough for a meal or two each spring.
Today I saw a picture of a beautiful spotted fawn on Facebook. That reminded me to remind you not to touch or take home any babies you might happen upon. Young animals that appear abandoned are not usually alone. The mother may be hiding nearby and unless the youngster is obviously injured, or brought home by one of your own pets, they shouldn’t be removed from their natural environment.
The Department of Natural Resources wildlife experts cite a variety of problems when people bring wild creatures home in what they consider an act of mercy. They can carry serious diseases like distemper and rabies. It is also extremely difficult for those animals to survive when they are released back into the wild after being raised by humans.
Speaking of wildlife babies, we had an unexpected visitor in our garage today but I certainly won’t be attempting to raise this baby. When Jack opened the garage door and started inside, a little snake coiled up and struck at his foot.  It was small enough that we couldn’t tell if it had rattles or not, but it did have what looked like a diamond pattern on its back and its actions were certainly enough to make us both a little nervous.
That is a first for us and we have lived out here for 28 years now. Oh we see snakes occasionally, usually the garter snake kind and once in a while a blue racer. When we moved here people said we should watch out for rattlesnakes because we are so near the water, but possibly because our nearly five acres is mostly grass, we have never seen one here.
Needless to say, the snake ended up “taking a swim” in the river and we spent a little time looking for more of the critters around the house.
So far we’re good.

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