Pat’s Bits & Pieces– Late again… but then that’s normal here

September 27, 2013

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

pat maurerTime flies when you are having fun, but I don’t know if “fun” is the way I would describe this week.

I do know this week had flown by. It has been a busy one, especially today. Here it is nearly 9 p.m. – Wednesday evening – and I am just starting my column.

I am only four hours past deadline.

I really don’t know where the week went, and here I am late again.

But then I am usually late. If it needs to be done Tuesday, that’s when I usually start it – late Tuesday that is.
I can’t even say that about this week. I spent the first two days of the week on the phone trying to get information and didn’t even get started on the writing until today.

It wasn’t an especially big week either, but there certainly were a lot of little things that seemed to hold me up. In fact every call I had to make turned into three, or four, or more…

Well it is finally all done except for the column and tomorrow we will be putting it all together at the office – that is unless more news just happens to come in…

That’s because there are a few others around the area that tend to be late like me.

In spite of everything I do, make lists, post-it notes, write appointments down 15 minutes before I actually have to be there, I’m almost always late, and like a chronic dieter, I am always trying to change my bad habits without much success at all.

I think procrastinators are a lot like left-handed people – they are born that way. They never can really change. They are in fact addicted to putting things off and get a certain guilty satisfaction in waiting as long as possible to start a chore.

Incidentally even when I do get this column done early, I still don’t get it sent in on time. Just ask Editor Mike!

See what I mean? True procrastinators have their own type of schedule. Summer clothes, for instance, are put away usually no later than December. Spring cleaning (if it gets done at all) is a chore crossed off my list around the 15th of July. Christmas packages and cards are always mailed shortly after Christmas. Sometimes they even arrive in time for the New Year! That’s because we never finish the Christmas shopping until the day before we actually celebrate the holiday.

Sometimes it gets really confusing. Once I kept forgetting (until February actually) to set my watch when it was time to “fall back.” Boy was I ever early for events that year! These days I don’t even wear a watch anymore. I just rely on the clocks in every room and my phone of course. The phone sets itself and Jack takes care of the clocks each fall and spring. No worries, right?

Of course the clock in the car can be a problem unless I convince the guy around here to fix it for me. I’m not too good with electronics. I once shut down our cars electronic system when I was trying to change some settings…

Being chronically late isn’t always a terrible thing. You can be sure the recipients of your Christmas cards and packages will notice what you sent and that it certainly won’t get lost in the holiday shuffle. And, birthday cards and presents can be pretty neat on an otherwise “nothing day” after all of the anticipation and excitement are over with.

Being late is great when it’s Mother Nature and she forgets to turn off the warm weather in the fall. It’s terrible in the spring though when it seems like the warm weather will never return.

We have been enjoying some of those late fall warm days lately, haven’t we? By the way the hummingbirds aren’t late this year. They have already left for warmer climes.

With the trees beginning to turn and the nights getting a bit “frosty” in places, I don’t think Mother Nature is going to give us too many more of those nice days though. This year she is right on time with the fall weather.

Guess it is time to plan for our annual color tour around the area in a week or so I think.

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