Pat’s Bits & Pieces– Laundry baskets and junk drawers

November 4, 2013

pat maurerPat Maurer, Review Correspondent

I have been on this computer all week long and this place looks like it.

You would think with just the two of us living here it would stay pretty neat.

Not so, my carpeting is covered in leaves thanks to our little resident monster Peanut, who always seems to drag a few back in on her potty trips outside. She is so good at it that 15 minutes after I run the vacuum, you can find a few more on the carpet here in the office.

This week, although it really hasn’t been busy compared to last week when I was writing profile articles,  that vacuum has not made it out of the laundry room at all, and I’m beginning to think I will soon need a rake in here!

Come to think of it, I don’t think I did much around here last week either.

Jack is my helper and handyman and fills in for me, especially in the kitchen when the dishes start piling up. He even chips in and cooks “breakfast for lunch” on my busiest day, Wednesday.

That doesn’t keep me from feeling a bit guilty when I look around and see 13 things just in this room that I really should clean up…

Guess I really should get the vacuum out and plug it in, even if I don’t actually have time to use it. I will just pray that we don’t get any company too soon.

My sister in law Marlene always left her vacuum sitting in the living room.

I asked her about it one time and she said, “It’s in case someone comes over. I’ll tell them “I was just cleaning.”

Maybe it’s because I grew up in the happy homemaker era of the 50s and 60s, but I understand her reasoning completely.

Remember “Leave it to Beaver” or “Father Knows Best?” If you do, you are probably older than 55 and you know exactly what I mean. Not only was that house “open house clean,” but Mom (June) did it all in a dress and high heels and still had dinner ready at 6 p.m. I shouldn’t tell you this but tonight I had McDonald’s French fries for supper and I didn’t take off my pj’s until nearly noon.

Back in those “good old days” most Moms didn’t work outside the home. Mine did, but then that is another story. Somehow she still managed to keep our place looking fairly neat – but then we had lots of junk drawers. Mom was a genius.

I am a firm believer in junk drawers. We have four or five in the house – usually the top drawer of desks and dressers – and they certainly are handy. If someone calls to say they are on their way over, you just open the drawer and sweep everything off into there – instant neatness.

Since this is the method to my madness, of course you know the coffee table in the living room has always been  a trunk. Just don’t open it.

Another “must have” cleaning tool is the laundry basket. Carry it through each room and throw everything in there that doesn’t belong. Then hide the basket.

And of course, drag the vacuum out into the living room, unwrap the cord and plug it in. Now you are ready for company.

All of this comes up because fall is about over, winter is just a week or so away, my house is a mess and my windows still need a fall wash job.

Of course the yard is a mess too after all of rain dampened down the bushels of leaves on the ground out there. I hardly know where to start, so I tend to put it off until I get a little more ambition. Besides, rakes are way down on my list of preferred tools – on the very bottom probably.

So I guess the house should be first. I really do need to clean up, wash windows and air the place out again before the really cold weather comes to stay.

And, I should clean out some of those junk drawers and find the hidden laundry baskets, so I have a place to put stuff when company is actually on the way.

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