Pat’s Bits & Pieces- Marvelous muddy March is here!!

March 1, 2013

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

Today is possibly my favorite day of the whole year.

Oh, it isn’t my birthday, anniversary or any special day at all. It is just the first day of the month that is hinting that winter weather might soon be over.

February, the longest month of the year is finally over again and it will be eleven months before it rolls around again. Call me Pollyanna (only those of you in my age bracket will have the slightest idea what that means…) but I am looking forward to the next eight of those months!

March, the messy,windy month, begins today. That means the official start of spring is only nineteen days away, and before we know it, crocus and iris and a “little green” will be peeking up again.

Meanwhile that wonderfully welcome, muddy, yucky mess we call spring will soon be all over Clare County again. Jack says the signs are all there, including an abundance of skunks wandering around. We have one that didn’t quite make it across the road just a quarter mile west of here.

We still have loads of snow out there and the temps are still pretty frosty at night, but I heard that some maple trees are already being tapped and the squirrel population around here has exploded!

Hopefully the snow will be gone before we know it and any late storms we get will melt away again within a day or two.

This time of year, the sun, when it shines, feels absolutely wonderful and really blows away those winter blahs. The birds and all the critters out there know spring is coming. I have been seeing mallards in the river and loads of deer hanging around the feeder after dark.

March is a great month in Clare.  The 39th annual Irish Festival begins in less than two weeks with all of those crazy fun activities we all enjoy and probably some new ones too. One that always makes me laugh is watching those wacky bed races down McEwan. They started in 1994 and nineteen years later they are still a big hit!

There will be a kid’s carnival, a huge craft show, Irish recipes to sample, a parade full of clowns and a 5K and 10K walk and run. There’s more.  There is a Leprechaun Contest, Karaoke Star Search, Best Frame Doubles, Kids Fun Run, entertainment, a school play, magic shows and even cupcake decorating.

The fun will be found in 20 locations around Clare, so watch for it!

Speaking of the proximity of spring, I am getting that awful urge again. Actually I am fighting that urge again. You know the one: to clean out all of the drawers, reorganize the closets and wash the windows inside and out…

I’m resisting. If I did clean closets and drawers I would just spend the next six months trying to find where I put the stuff anyway – and if I wash windows, you all know it will rain the next day.

If this spring “virus” hits you (It is caused by a sudden rise in temperature outside), try to resist. It will go away in a month or two.

March begins today. Anyone spotted any robins yet?

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