Pat’s Bits & Pieces- OMG – It’s still February

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

Well it is, but it’s now officially half over.

If you haven’t guessed, I’m talking about February again and now there’s only 13 more days to make it through.

And haven’t we had some wild weather this month? Rain, snow, ice, more rain, more snow, more ice…only the kids are loving this – they’ve had four extra vacation days already this month!

The best thing I can think of about February is that there is only one month like it in the whole year.

Actually there are a couple of other good things…

First it is the last official full month of winter. Remember I said “official.” In Michigan, winter weather can hang around until July – unofficially that is.

Second is Valentine’s Day which is one of my favorite holidays because between that and my birthday three days later I get a little bit spoiled with cards, candy, flowers or gifts – and I love that stuff.

Third good thing? Spring is right around the corner. It can’t be much more than two more months away, right?

And although it sometimes seems to last forever, February really is only four weeks long.

Of course it isn’t all over yet. We still have to deal with a few more weeks of this lovely time of year. Bills are higher, income is lower, taxes are due, the economy is in “winter mode” and everyone is either coming down with, or getting over a cold or the flu.

This is the time of year when you find out what’s wrong with your roof (ours is leaking); or your plumbing (frozen pipes). It is the time of year when your car breaks down or your battery dies – in a snowstorm of course. And, every time it snows, the plow fills the end of your driveway, usually just after you shoveled it out and he also runs over your mailbox for good measure.

When it rains, which it does either just before or right after it snows, you get ice!

I am convinced that in February there are 48 hours in every single day and only six of those days have any sunshine. That’s because the sun takes his vacation in February.

He has the right idea. I would love to follow him south just for a few weeks.

March is a pretty nasty month too sometimes, but the calendar says spring starts in the middle of the month and sometimes it really does! Remember last year?

I would wish that February was already over, but that just isn’t a smart thing to do at my age.

One of the worst things about aging is how much faster time seems to be flying by and I sure wouldn’t want to make that any worse, even if it is February.

As you have probably guessed by reading all of the complaining here, I am not really much of a winter person anymore. Cabin Fever is a real condition at the Maurer house and you guessed it, it was invented in February.

We could just eliminate February altogether and have two Julys every summer. I would love to see that proposal on the ballot.

Bet it would pass in a landslide!