Pat’s Bits & Pieces- On the weather and gas prices

April 5, 2013

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

Well April Fool’s Day has come and gone and spring still isn’t here.

Even Mother Nature got in the act this year when she played a little joke on us Monday – snow flurries in the sunshine…

As a matter of fact nobody knows what to expect anymore. Saturday’s sunny high of 54 let to Sunday’s sunny 25 degrees (in the Morning at least) and Monday morning it got even colder.

Now it is Wednesday and you better wear your heavy winter coat and gloves if you are going out, because there’s been frost on the ground every morning this week.

According to our computer “weather bug” it is about 38 degrees right now (Wednesday evening) and it is going down to 23 degrees tonight and up to 53 degrees tomorrow.  Then Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the highs are predicted in the 40s and the lows back in the 20s.

Great weather for maple sap collectors and it should be a bumper year for maple syrup, since those are the optimum conditions to make the sap run. It isn’t so great for us though and I hear there is another series of colds going around again.

The weather has been just as changeable as the gas prices around the area. I mean can you believe it?

Monday’s listed price of $3.71 led to Monday night when it went to $3.85. Tuesday night and Wednesday morning it was back down to $3.71. Around noon the price dropped again by 2 cents, making it $2.69 at 2 p.m. today.

What are the oil companies doing? Trying to confuse us so much we won’t notice another price jump? I mean come-on, do they really believe we consumers are that stupid?

When did this constant price changing start anyway? I was trying to remember but I can’t. I do know that when we were raising our kids the prices stayed pretty much the same all the time. They might increase a little every year, but there wasn’t any of this constant jumping around that I can remember, just an occasional gas war…

Anyway, I was internet surfing this evening and found an article where professional trader Jim Iuorio told CNBC today that driver can expect “significantly lower” gas prices this summer, but (and isn’t there always a ‘but?’) only if “gas futures” drop below the key level of $2.90 a gallon.

Pro trader Anthony Grisanti told the network that demand has dropped because more Americans are driving fuel efficient vehicles now. Duh…

That’s a trend I can see happening right in our own family where 3 out of four of us have switched from big gas guzzlers to compact with much higher mpg ratings.

By the way, on Tuesday the National average gas price was $3.61 – but of course not here in Clare…

In another article, AAA Spokesperson Avery Ash is predicting a lower summer peak price than last year, below the “dreaded $4 a gallon” everyone has been saying is coming.

Last year’s highest price (nationally) was $3.94.

I’ll bet it was higher than that here. Anyone remember?

We can gripe, complain and try to explain, but I guess the gas prices are just what they are. I mean what are we going to do about it really?

Stop driving? Buy a horse? Maybe dust off the bike?

Jack has the right idea. Since he is still driving one of those “gas hogs,” this summer he is hoping to trade it for another “hog,” but one that gets a whole lot better gas mileage than our old truck.

It is sitting right there in the garage, just waiting for him to “don” his leather jacket and helmet and climb on…

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