Pat’s Bits & Pieces- Promises of warmer weather

April 26, 2013

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

Another yucky week has gone by, weather wise, with rain showers and cold cloudy weather out here on the Tobacco.

After spending a couple of hours watching a Middle School track meet in a cold steady rain  in Beaverton Tuesday afternoon and waking up this morning to a yard, and deck covered with almost an inch of snow, I was beginning to wonder when we are going to get some actual, honest to God, real spring weather.

On Facebook this morning both Lynn Grim and Jaynie Hoerauf posted some (?) beautiful pictures of trees covered with snow. At least it would be beautiful if it was fall. Right now it is nothing but discouraging. At least we only had an inch. According to another Facebook post, Remus got about three inches of that fluffy white stuff.

Now it is afternoon, and although it is still pretty chilly out there, at least the snow is gone again.

Oh, we did have a few days of sunny and nice in the past week, but it never seems to last long enough.

Today the weather reports say temps in the low to mid 60s with some sun this weekend and even warmer weather next week, with temps in the high 60s and maybe even some 70s by midweek.

That part I also saw on Facebook. Ever the optimist, I am choosing to believe it. We can always hope.

As you have probably guessed, the yard raking and spring clean-up projects outside have been put on hold for a bit.

Despite this constantly changing and unpredictable mid-Michigan weather, there are some flowers blooming around Clare.

None to be found out here on the Tobacco though. We always seem to be the last to see them.

The grass is much greener though and the ducks are once again cruising the river in pairs. The goldfinches are gold again and all of the birds are haunting the feeder on a regular basis. Jack said he will have to fill them again by tomorrow (Thursday). Around here those are signs of better weather to come, although my resident pessimist (Jack again) insists we are in for a cool summer with lots of rain.

Oh Joy. My calendar picture above May shows an orchard of apple blossoms and a field of dandelions. It looks soo beautiful…

Whatever the weather, the busy season is here again. We had wanted to make a “clean-up” trip up to the camper in Roscommon in mid-May, but that isn’t going to happen. Already the weekends are all full of things we have to do. A class reunion planning meeting downstate for Jack; there’s a scholarship event in Clare to attend, the granddaughter’s annual dance recital, great-granddaughter Cheryl’s birthday, a baby shower for a new great nephew or niece in Otsego and a corresponding visit with Jack’s 93-year old stepmom and that fills up every single weekend and takes us right up to Memorial Day, and the official beginning of summer for the Maurers.

June isn’t full yet, but there is a 50th Class reunion for Jack to plan for, and hopefully a trip or two up north for long weekends. I love summer. It is the best part of the year! Meanwhile guess I will stay inside as much as possible and wait for it to arrive.


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