Pat’s Bits & Pieces– Snow brings on the holiday spirit

November 29, 2013

Pat Maurer, Reveiw Correspondent

Well you can blame it all on me.

I was just talking about how nice this fall has been, mentioning Indian summer and the scent on the air of burning leaves, and look at it out there now!

The ground is covered with snow, the roads are icy and the temps have dropped down into the 20s (or below) and as I look outside on this Tuesday afternoon, guess what? It’s snowing again…

If it sounds like I am on top of things and getting my column done a week early, you can think again, cause today is my Wednesday – deadline day. We will be putting the newspaper together tomorrow and have Thursday off for those of us who actually celebrate on the holiday.

Not the Maurers. For years we have moved our Thanksgiving to Saturday because it is so much easier when you don’t have to work the day before you cook. This year it will be even later because of the work schedules of my two children, on working on the holiday and who both have to work Saturday. After cleaning up the joint on Saturday, we will roast the bird (and make all the trimmings) on Sunday this year and we are looking for a crowd, two kids and spouses, four grandchildren (two with significant others) and two great-granddaughters.

We will put all the leaves in the table and get out the good china. It should be a great day! And after dinner, relax, watch the game or play some games…

Meantime it has been a short, but very busy week both in this home office and the one downtown I’ll bet.

We also have some plans for a day trip downstate to see family there this week. Grandma Martha, at 93, has not been doing well this year, so it is time for a trip and visit both with her and with Jack’s brother Brent’s family.

Hunting season, not a very successful one for the family that goes out in the woods, is winding down again. This is the last weekend for rifle season and so far the only buck that has been bagged was by Terry’s cousin Mike who got a seven-point on opening day.

With Thanksgiving nearly over, and the end of the hunting season in sight, it is now time for us to think about getting ready for the next big holiday – Christmas, which is only 25 shopping days away now.

I really have to get busy on the overseas ‘care package’ for our Marine grandson who will spend the holiday in Japan this year. And I need to think about sending out packages to the other out-of-state grandkids too. Then there are those pesky Christmas Cards to do.

Guess I really should get busy at least planning what I will be shopping for this year, but I don’t usually start the actual shopping trips for a week or so. No “Black Friday” shopping trips for this old lady. I like to find it closer to home whenever possible and will be hitting the local shops first – in a week or two maybe. And, as a totally dedicated procrastinator, I don’t really want to rush the season after all…

It’s not hard getting in the Christmas mood when you see all of the beautiful lights and decorations in our little towns. Farwell’s Festival of Lights was just last weekend (see all the pictures in this issue) and their main street looks pretty nice.

Clare’s downtown is also sporting some beautiful new lights on all the streets near downtown. If that doesn’t put you in the holiday mood, I don’t know what can. A trip through town after dark is just plain beautiful.

Something else that can put you in “the mood,” is the abundance of catalogs that arrive in the mail this time of year. We get five or six nearly every day and since I love looking at catalogs, I have to force myself not to pick them up until the newspaper work is done!

I couldn’t help it, I just went through that pile of mail and are there are eight new catalogs just waiting for me again.
Time to wrap up the writing for another week and check ‘em out!

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