Pat’s Bits & Pieces- The aftermath of a tragedy

April 19, 2013

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

Monday was a terrible day for everyone in Boston and we have been watching in horror as events unfolded. What a horrible way for the Boston Marathon to end.  Three deaths and hundreds injured with many of those critically injured.
People all over the country watched those bombs explode over and over again on the news and the internet.
Tragedy always seems to bring Americans together regardless of religion or lifestyles. Thousands around the world have sent their prayers and support on Facebook posts to those poor families hit by this terrible tragedy.
No one can understand “why” something like this could have happened. We can only keep those poor victims in heart and mind, and hope the person, or persons responsible are caught soon and severely punished for this.
Wishing that spring is really here
Well after all of that “weather” we are now enjoying some much longed for sunshine, at least as I am writing this on Tuesday evening.
After I wrote last week’s column about our crazy weather this spring, of course I drove through the Thursday night “ice storm.” What fun that was – took me 20 minutes to get home (it is eight miles).
All that snow and ice, which covered the yard for a couple of days, is gone now. This afternoon the Weather Bug on the computer is broadcasting a “flood watch” for Clare County – and more rain in the latter part of the week. Don’t count your chickens either, because I’m sure I heard the words “snow flurries” on the weather report in the other room.
But…today is a new day. The grass is now green and already growing and the sunshine is beautiful. Once again I can take my breaks outside soaking some of that spring warmth up. Matter of fact I have been out there several times this afternoon already. Man do I love that sunshine! Especially this time of year.
And I have a really good excuse for those many mini breaks since I have been lucky enough to catch a spring cold. What can you expect? It’s in the 50s, then the 30s, then the 50s again…
The middle of April is past already. Spring is in the air and time is speeding up again. Jack and I have been discussing making a trip up to get the camper s (ours and brother Jim’s) ready for our annual first time together – probably on Memorial Weekend.
The busy season is here again
In fact, we already have things planned for the next four weekends and not all of them are fun things to do.
Jack is making mental lists – you know what I mean, “We’ve got to do this, we’ve got to do that…” He is making plans to paint the house this summer, a chore this old lady isn’t looking forward to at all! Then there is trim in several rooms to complete, a new floor to put down in our bedroom, caulking, touch up painting, a small flower planter to remove, new flowers to plant, raking and raking and raking, a new stove pipe to paint, a huge garage sale to plan and on and on. This list doesn’t seem to have an end to it. My list starts with “trips to the camper,” and repeats that one between every one of his…
Every spring our “to-do” list gets longer and longer. Of course we have to add in all the things we didn’t get done last year too.
Now we will see how much of it actually gets done this summer.

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