Spring Fever – have you caught it yet?

March 23, 2017

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

Another chilly, but sunny at least, day gone by in the watch for long-awaited SPRING weather.I only wish we could have had some of the early spring warmth for the Irish Festival weekend. Instead it was downright chilly around town.

Once again I did mostly inside pictures and very little outside work for the festival, something I am under strict orders about since my bout in the hospital about this time a couple of years ago.

My precautions didn’t work because I still managed to pick up a miserable spring cold – stuffy nose, congestion, slight fever, aches and pains – all of which I have been struggling with for the past couple of days.

I just hope Jack doesn’t pick it up. We always seem to trade these things back and forth. I would much rather catch some “Spring Fever,” and get the ambition to do a little “Spring Cleaning” before the nice weather finally arrives and coaxes me outside every day…

Well, “weather” or not, St. Patrick’s Day and the annual Irish Festival “hoopla” around town is over again for another year and guess what? March is almost over and April begins in another week!

Jack is catching it. Spring fever, not my cold. He is already talking about cleaning up the yard – those windstorms really did the number on our poor trees. There are limbs all over the place. And he has 4.8 acres of branches and leaves to clean up (I don’t rake anymore).

And to prove he really has the bug, he gave in Tuesday and made a quick trip up to Roscommon to check on the camper… Since I’ve been pretty much under the weather all week, he took Lisa along for the ride. He checked everything out (We had three mice in our homemade trap – those little housebreakers), put some new caps on the water lines and looked our campsite over. It was too cold up there for doing very much. Think he is getting anxious?

Hopefully it won’t be long before we can go up and open the Fifth Wheel for the season. Then the “handyman Jack” season begins in earnest (Ernest is his middle name by the way) in the next few weeks.

He is already telling me all the things he has to do this year now that he has joined the ranks of retirees, both around here and up at our little get-away place. He never writes all those chores down though and he will forget about half of them I’ll bet. I’ve never convinced him that he should make a list! Talking about heading up to our little get-away place, lately I’ve been perusing the “Tiny House” site and have come to the conclusion that although those little places are definitely cute, (though very expensive), we have certainly have as much or more room in our 32 foot 5th Wheel with its three slides! Back to our Spring Watch. Have you noticed any new green grass coming up? Or, any spring flowers poking up around the house, especially on the south side of the house? Any buds on the trees? Jack says he hasn’t seen anything like that around here yet.

The magnolia tree, or bush, is full of buds, but then it has been that way since January actually. There are a lot of Robins around and there have been tons of birds around the feeder lately.

They know spring is coming. Jack says they are beginning to nag him to fill those feeders every time he steps outside. I have noticed the increased activity out there, but birds “nagging?”

In past years he has been dive bombed by hungry chickadees and buzzed by the hummingbirds as soon as they return north. He says sometimes the chickadees will land on the feeder when he has just filled it and while he is walking back out to hang it up!

No more snowstorms!! After all April – and warm weather (that’s optimism you are reading) will be here in another week or so.

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