Summer is slipping away

August 9, 2019

Pat Maurer

Summer, according to the Maurer calendar anyway, is almost over again.
School starts in a little over two weeks and the Labor Day weekend begins just three weeks from today.

Now you know that the Maurer calendar isn’t quite the same as the ones we hang up on the wall, but any way you look at it, doesn’t summer really start on Memorial weekend and end on Labor Day?

Nice weather after that is a real bonus here in mid-Michigan… you know snow could start any time after October 1st.

Kids all over the area are getting excited about school starting again…or maybe just about getting new school clothes and seeing all of their friends.
We lead such busy lives that this special time is over almost before it gets started. It seems impossible to get everything that you want to do – done.
For us, the time is running out to get ready for our big downsizing yard and garage sale on the weekend after Labor Day. I mean we have been putting this off, not just since the spring, but for the past two or three years. Now with plans to sell this fall, we have to stop procrastinating and “Get ‘er done!” (as Jack would say).

That means hauling stuff that we haven’t seen in years down from the attic and going through all of the closets and cupboards to weed out a 50 plus year accumulation of STUFF.

I admit it, we are both slight (or maybe not so slight) hoarders in this house. I mean we collect STUFF. If we really want to downsize, most of that accumulation just has to go.

We will be moving to a smaller, much easier to manage place, a must for a couple of “oldsters” like us. A huge yard and big house are just getting to be a chore to manage, so it’s time.

Guess it’s time for me to make a list.
One of the ways we, or rather I, cope with a schedule like this is by making lists. Jack makes mental lists, but forgets most of it. Not that I get the stuff on my lists done, I just realize that I’m not getting it done sooner!

I have always had a problem keeping track of the things I need to do. Of course it helps to be organized (which I’m not) and sometimes I even forget where I have put the lists.

A few years ago I was given a handy-dandy organizer and figured it would end the problem. I would use the organizer to get things done!

And it worked – for a while. Then about once a month I would hunt around until I found it and write some stuff down. Then I would promptly lose it again until the next month. These days I have the organizer in a drawer here at my computer desk. I use it for an address book.

I have found over the years that Post-It notes work the best for me. I stick them all over the top of this computer screen where I will be sure and see them. Most of the time I remember to look up there and I notice them “before” I have to do something.

Grandson Jayson, who also has a real problem remembering his appointments, uses his smart phone to remind him. Maybe I need to break down and get one of those, but then if it is like the cell phone I have now, it will get buried in the bottom of my purse and I won’t hear the reminder.
Guess I will stick to the sticky notes.

Anyway for a couple more weeks, it’s still summertime. It’s warm and beautiful outside nearly every day. My tomatoes are getting ripe and we are enjoying Michigan’s summer produce. The sweet corn is great.

And for at least 30 more days, it will stay that way – until the trees start to turn again and we swing into the shortest sweetest season of the year, fall.

If I can squeeze some time out, I plan to spend a little of that time outside in the sun, looking at the flowers and wandering around the yard a bit and inside watching the antiques of the squirrels and chipmunks, who are frantically raiding our feeders to build up their stores for winter.

Then I will take a lesson from them and get busy on this “list.”

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