Summer is slipping away

August 1, 2014

Pat Maurer

Pat Maurer

Summer, according to the Maurer calendar, is almost over again.

I know, it is only August 1, but you know there’s only a little over four weeks left until Labor Day weekend. Then school starts again.

You know what that means – fall!

The Maurer calendar isn’t quite the same as the ones we hang up on the wall, but any way you look at it; doesn’t summer really start on Memorial Day weekend and end up on Labor Day?

Nice weather after that is a real bonus in this part of Michigan. It could snow about anytime! And believe me, after last year, I’m not looking forward to another blustery, cold winter.

It sure has been a nice summer so far after that lousy winter and wet spring. We have had a lot of sunny mild days – the kind I really like – and not too many hot and humid days.

The grass seems to grow overnight, the gardens seem to be doing fantastic this year and the flowers are beautiful. We are also enjoying a bumper year for my favorite huckleberries. I picked enough last weekend for four pies and some to munch on besides.

Guess what? I’m going back up near Roscommon this weekend to pick some more! We don’t have years like this very often so I have to get those wild blueberries when I can! I know they won’t last much longer and they are thick and big this year.

Summer never seems to last nearly long enough. Our vacation week is long gone and once again we are busy, busy. Seems like June, July and August are over before they really get a good start and it is just about impossible to get everything that you want to do – done.

One of the ways we cope with this type of a schedule is by making lists. Well actually I make lists. Jack just grumbles about finding enough time to do his outdoor stuff.

I make lists! I have lists of things to do today, lists of things to do this week, things I need to do when I get a little extra time and things I would like to be able to do sometime…

Of course it helps to be organized and we all know that just isn’t one of my special talents – sometimes I lose my lists! So, I have post it notes all over the computer. Not that it helps much. I lose the notes or forget to look at them – right now there are six post-it notes on this screen…

Anyway, for a few more short weeks, it is still summer. It may not be hot, but it has been beautiful outside nearly every day, and hopefully we can count on at least 30 more days until the trees start showing a bit of color again.

Then I can start my “countdown to Christmas.”

And since I just love to make lists, I am once again making one for fun to last for the rest of this wonderful summer season. Before the snow flies, I would like to:

*ride the lawn mower. I can’t mow because of the allergies, but I can buzz around the yard anyway.

*walk in the morning. I haven’t been doing this and it is one of the things I love best about this time of year.

*sit in the shade and inhale the aroma of roses in bloom. Nothing smells quite as sweet this time of year.

*relax on the steps at the river’s edge and dangle my feet in the water.

*have my morning coffee on the porch and listen to the birds wake up.

*spend an afternoon on the porch watching the birds vie for seed and the hummingbirds fight over a drink at their feeder.

*lie on a blanket outside on a clear night and watch the stars until you can feel the earth turning beneath you.

*watch the sun set at the camper with a storm coming – We did this just a couple of weeks ago.

*watch a thunderstorm from start to finish – from the relative safety of the porch of course.

*watch heat lightning dance across the night sky.

*take a canoe trip down the river on a warm sunny morning with a picnic lunch.

*roast hot dogs and marshmallows over a campfire and sit around that fire talking with friends until the wee hours.

*cook at least three meals a week on the grill outside.

The more I think about it the longer this particular list gets. I don’t have to worry about losing it either – I have it memorized.

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