Summertime is festivals and family fun

June 26, 2014

Pat Maurer

Pat Maurer

Another busy week is sliding on by around the Maurers.

Lots of excitement and a little anger and frustration at the Farwell Board of Education this month, but I’m glad to see that parents, staff and board members are making every effort to resolve their differences over the budget cuts the board has had to make lately.

After hearing sometimes heated, sometimes impassioned pleas and comments from the parents and supporters of the Chinese Immersion Program that was cut, the board first agreed to look into other ways to cut a projected $600,000 deficit without hurting other programs. Then on Monday after a lengthy discussion, most indicated they will support reinstatement of the program.

It’s not often that you see a roomful of people all there to support an academic program like this, and the board members commended the audience for their support. Some have banded together and started raising funds to help finance the program.

It may be good news for them, but it’s not a done deal yet though. The board has to adopt a budget next Monday night.

Farwell has been facing some severe and serious challenges with funding the district over the past few years, and they have cut everything down to the bare minimum in order to keep their award winning programming intact. Their motto is the kids come first, a great philosophy if you ask me.

Next week one-third of the summer season will be over already. Man, that just doesn’t seem possible.

With July beginning on Tuesday, tons of events are underway to celebrate the holiday. This weekend’s Summerfest is already underway. (What the heck is Chicken Po Bingo anyway?) Next week comes the holiday itself and there will be tons of things to do in Clare County over the first weekend of the month and more coming after that.

I’m planning on some fun I know and hope to see at least one of the fireworks shows. I love it when they light up the sky.

On the second week of the month I will be attending my 50th Class reunion in Roscommon. That should be interesting and I am hoping to catch up with some classmates I haven’t seen in a long, long time. Just hope I can recognize them all…

After all we certainly aren’t 18 years old anymore, and we haven’t had a class reunion since the 30th, although I try to go to the annual all-school reunion in Roscommon as often as possible.

Jack’s class, (his 50th was last year – a Bed and Breakfast weekend) on the other hand, has a mini-reunion nearly every month in Jackson. Between 5 and 10 of his classmates get together for breakfast on the second Friday of the month. Since his class only had 26 graduates, that is a pretty good percentage I’d say and we try to get down there often.

We had some great news. One old friend and classmate, Kay and hubby Bob, will be coming all the way from North Carolina to stay with us for a day or so and to go with us to the class reunion and all school reunion that same evening. Kay is one buddy I have kept up with and Jack and I are Godparents to their three children – who are like ours, all grown up and some with grandkids of their own now.

We haven’t seen each other in about five years, so this promises to be an exceptional time. I’m so excited I can hardly wait for it…

Last weekend we went to a Graduation Open House in Grand Rapids for our great-niece Ellie. It may have been billed at an open house, but it was a family reunion as well, since we saw some nieces and nephews we haven’t seen in a long time. Just catching up with my brother’s large family is a real treat. We left there with promises to get together again with even more of our ever-enlarging family later on in the summer.  I think we need to reinstate the Richardson Reunion.

Summertime really is a time for family and friends.

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