Was it summer again… or fall this week?

October 11, 2018

It has been an interesting week here at the Maurer’s with loads of articles to write and a steady stream of profiles coming in for the upcoming special section on

Pat Maurer

Pat Maurer

the 26th, which has been keeping me here tied to the computer so much I nearly missed our “two days of summer” earlier this week.

In fact we actually had to turn the air conditioner back on for a few hours on Tuesday! And of course I have already put away my summer clothes, so I was scrambling to find something cool to wear.

Tomorrow, Thursday, Jack tells me our brief interlude of high 70s and low 80s will be over again as more seasonal fall temperatures arrive back in the area. And tonight (Wednesday) it’s raining again…

I just wish we could have had that sunshine and those warm temperatures last weekend while we were up at the camper in Roscommon. We really wanted another “color tour,” but had to settle for a trip up to Waters with sister-in-law Marlene for lunch. We did see some beautiful colors along the way, but other than a brief ray or two of sunshine on the way back, it was cloudy and raining all the way up and back, so I couldn’t get any pictures to share.

Even with most of our time spent inside (it barely hit 50 degrees while we were there), we still enjoyed the outing – and the weekend anyway, and spent some time visiting with family and getting the summer “digs” ready for cold weather. That means we brought back most of the goodies in the refrigerator and freezer and packed up the blankets and pillows in “mouse proof” containers.

Now with most of the food back at home and soft stuff packed away, Jack will head back up and finish getting our summer place cleaned and ready for winter again. That includes setting up his home-made contraption to catch the mice that always seem to want to move in as soon as we move out. It is the only thing that has stopped those little critters in their tracks and involves a bucket partly filled with antifreeze, a dowel rod through the top with a tin can on it, which is smeared with peanut butter. Complete with a little ramp up the side so they can climb up for a taste, it seems to catch and drown the little beasties quickly before they can do much damage and the antifreeze eliminates any odor when we arrive back in the spring.

In the past we have tried Irish Spring soap in cupboards and closets, traps (not pretty in the spring) and various other remedies, but this one seems to work the best and we haven’t found chewed up blankets, pillows and such since we started using it.

Arrived back home again Sunday, and since then it has been long hours on the computer without much time to get out and enjoy our brief fling with those summer temps and sunshine.

Oh, I have been out and about a bit, doing some profile interviews earlier this week, so I got to see how fast the fall colors are coming on around our own area…with the brief day and a half of sunshine to light them up, they were absolutely brilliant, but no time to stop for photos unfortunately.

As I have been working here in my home office all week, Jack has been keeping tabs on the wildlife. We’ve been visited by our small herd of deer several times, birds have been swarming the feeders and we have laughed at the antics of the squirrels who are busily socking away goodies for winter.

One little black squirrel works every day from dawn to dusk. He has been harvesting walnuts across the road and carrying them – one at a time of course – all the way across our front and side yards to bury them way out back. When we had lunch I noticed that he was taking a little break under the feeder to have a bite to eat too. He looked exhausted.

I sure hope he finds all those nuts this winter and eats them, or we may find a forest of walnut trees growing out there next spring!

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