Winter just goes on … and on

February 1, 2018

Once again, our all too brief flirt with spring temperatures is over. The cold weather is back again and with it, much higher heating and electric bills,

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

according to many Facebook posts.

Jack tells me it has gone up to 37 degrees today, (Wednesday) but the wind is making it feel much colder out there. I wouldn’t know since all of my outside jaunts have only made to the door to let Peanut out…and in, still in PJs of course.

We gleaned a little of those winter woes for this week’s article on high bills many are complaining about. I know ours went from $116.66 to $169.96 between December 6 and January 8th showing a cost of nearly $5 a day for our lights and furnace fans…and to be fair, it seems like we have had some pretty cold weather this winter, which makes the furnace, fireplace and their fans run more than usual. And of course our Christmas lights in use for most of that time.

Some are revealing much higher bills, and most are complaining about the new “smart” meters recently installed.

Other stuff this week?

It seems like the Lake area seniors are really up in arms over the decision to close their gathering place. Read the article and letters in this issue about the matter.

Our congressman John Moolenaar was uninjured in a train accident this week. In fact it was bumps and bruises for most that were on the train, except for one fatality and a couple of people with more serious injuries. It seems a truck hauling waste was attempting to cross some tracks with the barriers down. So unfortunate and sad for those hurt and for the family of the man who died.

On a brighter note, our own business owner Greg Rynearson, or Ryno, as he likes to be called, reported having a great time at the State of the Union address. I love that he took along some “combover cookies” to poke a little fun at our esteemed pres.

I may spend most of my days here at home, but still manage to keep up on stuff thanks to Facebook and emails…

Well this issue marks the beginning of my favorite month (not) of the year. February, which I consider the longest – shortest month of the whole year. I guess that’s because when it is finally over, we can start counting down the days until spring (and camping season) starts again.

I think we will be able to head up north to our little home-away-from-home in only three more months…

Meanwhile, it’s FEBRUARY again. This month, as one reader once said to me, unadulterated winter. There’s no special holidays, other than Valentine’s Day and no hope for flowers in sheltered areas of the yard yet. It’s usually just cold and snowy all month long…

The only good points are the days of increasing daylight and hopefully some sunny days to get us past the rest of the winter.

Well I guess there are a few other good points. It’s a good time for homemade soup, and we have sure been enjoying that. It’s a great time of year to read a good book by the fireplace while the winds blow and the snow falls outside our windows.

It’s also my birthday month, although I don’t think I am going to celebrate it much. 72 just sounds so old…matter of fact it is old, although honestly I don’t feel much different than I did ten or 20 years ago, at least not mentally. Physically, I find it much harder to do the things I used to just breeze through and have found myself slowing down a little more each year.

And then there is that blasted mirror that reminds me every time I look at it of how I am aging these days.

I honestly don’t know when I noticed all of these wrinkles showing up, but more and more sure have been making an appearance.
Maybe I will just cover them up…the mirrors I mean.

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